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Wonderful Wilson’s Story

Hello everyone. My name is Wilson and I’m a 4 year old Welsh springer spaniel. Mummy says I’m very lucky to have got to 4 years old for a number of reasons – I think my naughtiness being one of them! The main one though is that 18 months ago I became very ill with something called “immune mediated encephalitis”. Basically I had lots of lesions on my brain that shouldn’t have been there and it swelled up making me feel very, very dizzy and wobbly. My legs didn’t work properly and my head hurt It scared me and it scared my family.

This is a photo of me the day before I got sick – I look the picture of health don’t I?!

Thankfully I am now on the road to good health (though I will never be completely in the clear).

I’m getting back to my naughty ways, like stealing mummy’s socks and running away with them. I also like to wake her up sometimes with a big ‘boof’ of my paws (it’s even better when she is awake because then she will laugh and play with me). We go to agility classes too and I love doing that. It’s helped to keep my muscles strong while I’ve been on the steroids.

Here I am on my favourite beach in Cornwall just about to ‘boof’ mummy with my paws!!

Since I was a puppy mummy has always tried to make sure I was fed on a good food. She likes dry food because it is convenient for her (though the occasional treat of chicken or other meat was added too) and a balanced diet for me. I always had a lovely, glossy coat and people commented on how stunning I am.

After I became ill I couldn’t digest my food as well as before because the medicines had upset my intestines and also caused a mild pancreatitis. I had little muscle spasms/twitches that worried us. Mummy started to investigate further all the different foods that might help me and which diets had them in. The one I was on was a very good diet but didn’t have the vegetables and meat in it that mummy thought I needed. She then discovered Guru and my life has changed! It has alfalfa, broccoli and liver in it that she had read would help with my condition. I don’t eat any fruit or vegetables unless it’s in my dry food already because I don’t like them – I will spit them out in disgust! The other good thing was, as it is a cold pressed food, I would be getting more of the nutrients and able to digest them better because of the way the food breaks down more quickly. Within a week of being on Guru Surf n Turf my muscle spasms and twitches had lessened a lot and now that I am on it completely I rarely get them. When I do it is usually due to stress on my recovering muscles/body because I have overdone it on a walk or something. A couple of rest days and I’m back to normal again.

I’ve told my friends, Terri and Lili, about this food too and they are now trying it out as well. We all love the taste and our humans are pleased that we lick our bowls clean!

After a check up at the vet with mummy, there’s no signs of my neuro problem and the pancreatitis is under control.

Here’s a recent photo of me looking healthy again – long may it stay this way!

Geekster Wilson x

Connie Onnie Geekster

Woof Guru!

My name is Connie (I’m a standard poodle aged 2 years) and I just love getting out and about!

I love meeting other doggies, playing in the snow and in water, fetching balls and generally living life to the full.

To help me with all this doggified busyness, I have Guru as porridge in the morning and Guru bites as my main evening meal. This helps keep me superfit and full of poodle bounce!  Also, my coat is sooo curly and glossy…

Delivery of my food is easy, simple and quick, and for such a tasty food as Guru – the price isn’t bad either! 🙂

Lots of tail wags and bum wiggling 🐾🐾🐾

From Connie onnie x (that’s what my human calls me)

Practising Princess!

Like a dog with a bone…

Like a dog with a bone, that’s what we’re like when we’ve been given our Guru Trip bones. I’m very lucky to have the best job in the world in my eyes, and part of it means a lot of travelling and photoshoots with my dogs.

When asking a dog to do any task they should always get something positive in return, whether that is toys, treats or a tickle on the tummy. So this is no different out on our photoshoots. For me it’s treats to keep the dogs calm and in the same position, small treats are ideal for this, regularly rewarding them but not filling them up or making them ill. For this Woody always has his normal Guru food, he is absolutely obsessed with it so why not use his meal as treats. Wilma drives a bit more of a hard bargain and will only work for high priority treats, this is usually the Guru Venison sausages.

But for bigger blogging trips a bigger treat is needed! When away from home, if it’s just for the day or even longer, being able to settle your dogs is so important – one of the first things I train my dogs. There’s nothing worse than meeting up with a friend and their dog just won’t settle, instead is wriggling and jumping around all excited inside a cafe or restaurant. My dogs are absolute stars at this, especially Wilma [If you followed our recent trip to London you’ll know she literally falls asleep anywhere]. 

Whether they settle quickly or not, giving your dogs a bone or chew is the perfect way to calm a situation down. Leaving you in peace to enjoy a drink or meal with your dogs at your feet. The Guru trip bones are perfect for this, not only are they chewy taking the dogs a long time to munch on them; but they come in two sizes to be your dogs complete meal. For the smaller dogs [Wilma] there’s a mini bone and for the big dogs [Woody] you guessed it, a bigger bone. Perfect for a meal on the go!

I don’t use these to give them a meal whilst we’re travelling just because I don’t want to risk them being travel sick. But if we’re in a pub or restaurant, working on location on a project or just visiting friends the bones are their meal and are quick and easy to pack.

Plus every Tuesday is #tripbonetuesday so you can share your trip bone photos on social media and tag the Guru geeks for them to see. My favourite photos have to be the ones of the dogs holding the bones in their mouths. I’m yet to teach Wilma this trick but Woody is a pro!

Why not get some trip bones with your next Guru order and try them out, you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading,

Megan, Woody & Wilma xox

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Lushious Cockers

Here’s Alfie (the lemon roan) and Brooke (the gorgeous black girl)  my two Working Cockers. Guru keeps them in top shape!

They can’t decide which flavour they like best, so we switch between the two.

Alfie used to compete in Flyball and has gained his Ice Blue Moon award from the BFA. He has now retired from Flyball and is taking part in agility.

Brooke is only just 1, everyone comments on the condition of her coat and how it shines. She has been fed on Guru from 8 weeks old and loves it.

There is never anything left in either bowl!

The dogs love to play together and are the best of friends. They have enjoyed the recent snow we have had in Scotland, although there has not been too much.

We are all looking forward to the better weather and getting out for nice long walks – hopefully in the sunshine!

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy being Geeksters as much as us…

The Lushious Cockers xx

Guru Love

Hello everyone!

If you follow us on Instagram and have been reading our blog over the past few months you will know how much we love Guru. Not only is the food fantastic but the people behind the brand are also why we love the food so much, as they truly do care about quality nutrition and the overall health of dogs.

Previously we fed Polly on another high quality dry kibble brand, but since transitioning to Guru the change in her has been remarkable and I believe this is down to the revolutionary cold pressed method, which allows all the goodness to be retained.

With Polly having a very sassy long coat (and she knows it) food is extremely important. Believe it or not, if your feeding your dog on a low quality/economy brand this can result in the coat becoming dull, result in excessive shedding and skin sensitivities can form.

People often think it doesn’t matter what you feed your dog and if you purchase a cheap food you’re saving money over the year which is completely correct however, if health conditions occur due to poor diet, you’ll be paying extra in vet bills guaranteed.

The main difference in Polly has been her POO yes POO! Her poo doesn’t pong and is easily scooped up and is of a good size, which compared to when she was on her previous diet her poo’s were smaller and much more smellier.

The second difference has been her breath. She used to always have a whiff of fish even with brushing her teeth regularly, whereas now of course there is a little bit of a smell but nothing like before which makes Polly kisses a much more enjoyable experience for the humans!

Finally, this may seem different but adding moisture to the kibble has really helped with the speed Polly eats her food. Polly really does zoom through her meals and it’s been good to get her out of this habit. It doesn’t take any quality away from the food by adding water, it just helps slow her down. Adding moisture to kibble is also great for older dogs that struggle to chew their food.

I am really proud Polly is a GeekSTAR for such a brilliant well rounded food.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Keep Fluffy,

Our Fluffy Family xx


If you want to see more of Polly and her Fluffy Family, you can through her Instagram ‘here’ and her Blog ‘here’

Spread The Guru Love…

As most of you know, here at Guru we’re all about spreading the love and February (the month of love) is no exception.

During a recent tea break, the Geeks were chatting about Valentines Day and why we celebrate this special day?

After some research, we quickly found that the history of Valentine’s Day and the story of its patron Saint is shrouded in mystery. Some say it originated from a Roman festival, others say the feast of St. Valentine on the 14th of February was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 and then there is the story of poet Chaucer in the Middle Ages who was said to be the first to link St Valentine with romantic love.  So many years on, the 14th of February is a day where lots of us like to exchange gifts/cards with our special ‘Valentine’.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve celebrated by creating a special ‘Love Trip label’ on our bones, so that all of our Geeksters can get involved. This year has been no exception, as over the past couple of weeks, all our Trip bones had a ‘love lift’ xox

Did you manage to get your paws on a Love Trip bone in time to share it with that special someone?

Check out some of our Gorgeous Geeksters below ‘Spreading The Love’ with their tasty treats…

Do you woof someone enough to share your last trip bone?

If you haven’t already shared your photos with us, send them to, tag us in on social media or join the hashtag: #BeMyGURUdine

I love you as much as GURU and that’s a lot! – The Guru Geeks

Whilst we’re on the theme of luurrrve, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your continued support and for helping us to spread the word.

Once a Geekster, always a Geekster!

Happy Vanlentines Day

The Guru Geeks xox

Munchkin the GURUate assistance dog!

Hello. My name is Munchkinpomsky . I have a Facebook page and IG @munchkinpomsky

I have an important but fun job. I support my autistic owner. Trained my Dogs for good.

My job is to detect meltdowns when they are about to happen and stop him from hurting himself or my Humans.

For this I need good healthy dog food fuel. After trying some Brands, we found Guru cold pressed food. It keeps me in great shape and helps me stay feeling awesome.

When I’m not helping my owner, I love to model. I have some great contracts with some Instagram accounts. Check out my poses!

How did it all begin?

I was 4 months when I got taken to my forever home. I had 1 years intensive training one-on-one and then 3 months with dogs for good.

We all started the Instagram page as my owner had no friends. We didn’t think it would get so popular but it makes him happy. Our family life with our 2 cats is now much calmer. My owner now leaves the house to walk me. He was housebound before, now he feels protected.

Munchkin xx

Thanks to Munchkin Pomsky for this awesome blog, check out their adventures through his Instagram here.

Willow: Growing with Guru – Draft

As first time pawrents we were super excited to bring Willow, our German Shepherd puppy, home! Like many first time dog owners, we wondered what really was the best food for our pup?

After some ‘homework’ and advice from friends, we found that cold pressed was the way to go. It has benefits of a raw diet with the convenience of a regular kibble. So, at 12 weeks old, Willow started to get GURUvy!

We came across Guru’s bright, easy to use website and found lots of helpful information. As we’d never done anything such as transitioning before, we wanted to get as much information as possible. The great thing about Guru is that there’s always someone on the other end of the phone to help.

The transitioning process had begun…

We took Guru’s advice and started with 30% Guru/70% of Willow’s old food then 50/50, followed by 70% Guru/30% old food until she was on 100% Guru (this process is important to avoid tummy upset). Guru informed us that every dog is different and therefore transitioning times can vary. We were lucky, as Willow transitioned to Guru very happily over a week, with no loose stools!

At 2 years old, Willow is a fully fledged Geekster! The GURUvy thing about Guru is that it’s suitable for all breeds of all ages, so we can feed Willow the same food her whole life, just adjust the amount we feed. The handy calculators on The Feeding Guide page of Guru’s website, help us to keep her in just the right shape. We gradually moved Willow from the puppy calculator to the adult calculator once she reached her ideal adult weight (she was around 11 months old).

Willow’s fave flave has to be the Surf & Turf… she can’t get enough! you’re not going to believe this… It only costs us £1.60 a day to feed her. Thanks to Guru’s high quality ingredients and furbulous cold pressed oils, Willow is happy, healthy & full of life with her shiny coat, fresh breath and dare I say it… pawfect poos every time!

Yaasss, Willow bobs absolutely LUUURVES her Venison Sausages. As they say, there’s ‘Nothing To Hide’ – such high quality treats with 70% British Venison! Guru’s sausages are a definite must have, perfect for popping in your pocket when out and about. Training has never been so easy, Guru told us that Geeksters will do anything for them and they weren’t wrong! If you haven’t found this out already, you NEED to…

Another GURUlicious point about Guru is their Trip bones. Willow never misses a #TripboneTuesday (even though she is pretty lazy and prefers the small Field Trip bones rather than chomping through a Road Trip, haha!) 
Trip bones are super handy when on the move or even just as a tasty treat, but we make sure to knock the amount of grams off her meal later in the day to avoid over feeding.

Well, we think it’s fair to say Willow is Cold Pressed Obsessed! Thank you Guru for providing #TheBestforTheBest…

Have you tried Guru?

No? Go on, grab a sample here… After all, what better way to grow than with Guru?

Lots of love,

Willow & her pawrents xx
Once a Geekster ALWAYS a Geekster

Doug’s Delish Dish

3 things when it comes to Doug and his food

1) He needs something which can support his high exercise regime
2) Like us we don’t like to give Doug healthy food which is full of artificial stuff
3) The right food improves Doug’s state of mind

We’ve tried and tested many brands of dog food over the years and honestly nothing compares to GURU Cold Pressed Dog food, the closest thing is raw food but I cannot be doing with all the defrosting and blood…

Noticeable changes since Doug has been on GURU – the biggest by far is the reduction in Hyper activeness and a massive improvement in his attention span.

Todays Delivery

Today is our monthly GURU delivery. Doug usually knows when its for him (smell I guess?). Usually, there is a GURU Big Tasty Bone in the box which goes straight to Doug…
Check it out: GURU Big Tasty Bone

This month we also ordered some “Nothing To Hide – Venison Sausages”:  Venison Sausages
As well as the usual 2 bags of 14KG Surf and Turf Cold Pressed Dog Food: 14KG Surf and Turf

We are massive fans of GURU and we appreciate all the efforts GURU make to providing our lovely Doug with a well balanced diet!

I should also mention, we have also swapped to GURU for our 12 year old Welsh Springer Monty. We have seen a massive difference in him also. I don’t know if you guys have seen the film Cocoon (Synopsis -> Oscar-winning fantasy in which the residents of a Florida rest home get a new lease of life when they stumble across an alien “fountain of youth”) but GURU had the same effect! Much more energy and all down to diet!

You can even order a sample, here

One last thing, we are not sponsored or have no incentive to write this article from GURU. If you love dogs as we do then wouldn’t you want the best for them and anything which makes their lives better is well worth a shout out about!


Herbie & Doug xx

Check out more of this pawesome pair through their Instagram & Blog.

Lovely Lushlabs

Recently we have been asked; What are we Fed? Now there are so many products in the market, it’s very difficult to choose what’s good and what isn’t. What is more frightening is what goes in the food.

Over the years we have had to adapt and try different ones. Our old Grace was started on pedigree, it made her hyper… so we switched to Robbie’s…. Then Canagan. Daisy we found piled weight on with soooooo many foods and was a fussy eater. In a few months on Arden Grange she has gained 8kg. That’s a worry. We feel dogs are like humans, we all like different things and not everything agrees with us.

Now we won a competition to get tickets to the Game Fair. They were from a company called Guru Pet Food. We didn’t know them but went along to the stand to say thank you. It started to be a lifelong friendship with the brand.

We went home later with some samples and it changed our lives forever.
The dogs loved the food… Daisy had to have grain free.
The coats became glossy, they were brighter and healthier. Our dogs seemed happier, brighter and more obedient, can’t promise that will happen to everyone but so many pet foods add sugar and other nasties which can make dogs go hyper! What shocked us and to be honest it made total sense… is the whole cold pressed food. The dogs don’t guzzle water, the food inside the stomach doesn’t swell, its superior quality and from real people! Not some big faceless company.

Now the years have passed, sadly so has Grace and Daisy but Rosie, Bear and Izzy are thriving on the Guru; Pups and adult?? Yes, as it’s a whole life food!!!!!
We are planning future litters and all the pups will be weaned and brought up on Guru.
The website has a great calculator on it to work out how much you should be eating.

Not only is the food brilliant, they make them in bone shapes. It’s a meal in a bone, perfect for holidays, trips out, easy breakfast (which is what we have every morning)

To add to the food, they now do sausages…. Yes sausages! Venison ones! They are so good, when Guru first launched them, they sold out in a matter of days! As Guru say, nothing to hide in them.

The website is easy to use, but you can always contact them on the dog and bone (Phone) There is always a lovely Guru Geek at the end of the line, who’s friendly and helpful.

Lots of Love,
Lushlabs xxx

You can see more of the lovely Lushlabs adventures through their Instagram, Twitter & Blog!

2 super special sausages!

Before I begin to tell you our journey of how we became Geeksters, I would just like to say that we chose for the dogs to start eating Guru Pet Food and this is a completely honest opinion of the food and the company itself!

We first made contact with Guru Pet Food back when the dogs Instagram account was nearing 5000 followers (seems such a long time ago!). We asked them if they would like to take part in our first ever giveaway. We had seen their name pop up a few times on other dogs pages and we were really intrigued by their bright colours and their quirky appearance. We received a message back from them and we couldn’t believe how friendly they were, even though we hadn’t even spoken before! I guess this is where our love for Guru stemmed from.

In the weeks after our competition, we started to interact with them on Instagram a lot more. We got to learn a bit about the food itself and started to see pictures of dogs enjoying their Trip Bones, especially on a Tuesday! At this time, it was getting towards the summer and we noticed Guru upload a picture talking about Dog Fest. Being quite new to the dog festival scene, we asked Guru for some more information on what Dog Fest actually was. Obviously, they were happy to tell us about it and explained they were going to have a brand NEW stall there this year. Jay and I both agreed it would be a great idea to attend that year and meet the Geeskters behind the Guru!

The day for Dog Fest came one sunny day in June and we couldn’t be more excited to go to our first dog festival with the boys and also visit the Guru Pet Food stand. We had been speaking previously with Lisa, the co-owner of Guru Pet Food and were so impressed at how involved she was with all the dogs on Instagram and how much thought she had put in to the day. They were going to have a chalk board with the times the Insta dogs were going to be at their stand and pictures too! How cool! We just couldn’t wait to meet them. We were walking up to the entrance of Dogfest and noticed there stall instantly! It was MASSIVE. Big letters spelt out GURU and we could see the stand crowded with dogs and their owners. The one thing that stood out the most was the friendly staff all wearing yellow t-shirts with a small pair of black geek glasses printed on the front. We bee-lined over to the stall and bumped into a super lovely man called Andrew (Lisa’s husband and co-owner). He then took us over to a bubbly blonde lady… It was Lisa! She instantly recognised the boys and was over the moon that we had stopped.

Being Instagram dogs, there were plenty of picture opportunities. The stall was fantastically designed with their products on display, retro seating for tired pups and owners, pictures of all their insta dog followers and a massive card board instagram picture cut out. So impressive!

This is where we got to learn about the food itself. Lisa explained that the food was cold pressed, meaning that the food locked in all of the goodness which were all good for growth, digestion and health. This also meant that you could feed your dog up to 33% less than standard extruded kibble… Amazing! To be honest, we were won over by how nice Lisa was and the incredible stand they had, so this information was an added bonus. We took a 5kg bag of their Surf and Turf range and a couple of trip bones home with us to try them out.


We didn’t actually get round to feeding the boys Guru until quite recently. The only reason being that we had already pre paid in bulk for their previous pet food, so needed to wait until we had finished that before moving on… We would have started the boys on Guru the day we met them if we could. You could call us tight arses!

Since Dogfest we continued to keep in contact with Guru and saw their business grow and grow. We were not surprised as the passion that everyone had working for them really shone through. Everyone was friendly and you really felt valued. It was obvious a lot of time and effort had gone into creating this brand. When the time was right, we fully converted over to Guru. We were so delighted to be doing so and when we messaged them again, Lisa was equally excited for us to be joining. She made it incredibly easy for us to transition the boys over from their previous food to them. She explained everything and we even went on the website to take a look at their GURUvy feeding guide. The website was packed with the information you needed.

We will write another blog about how the boys have got on with eating Guru, but we firstly wanted to let people know how amazing they all are. We interact with them on a daily basis, whether that be watching them take on a food challenge each week or see all of the other happy dogs that are now fully fledged Geeksters. The whole team at Guru are extremely friendly (have I mentioned that yet?). It’s clear to see they all enjoy working there and make you want to be part of the family. Guru aren’t just your normal pet food company, they have thought of everything, they’re modern, they’re approachable, they’re good fun, they care and most of all, their food is ace.

We are so glad to have met the lovely people of Guru and know we have made the right decision with moving the boys onto their food. We are excited for more adventures and good times to come, it’s just a shame they live so far away!

As mentioned, we will write another blog soon on how the boys get on eating their food and which food/treats they enjoy the most.

For now, thanks for reading

Jacob & Bruno

The Dachshund brothers from the Surrey Hills.

See below to keep up with their furbulous adventures…

Blog |

Instagram | @jacob_bruno_mini_dachshunds

Facebook | /jacobnbruno

Bloglovin’  | @jacobnbruno


New year, new adventures!

Happy New Year Everyone, hope y’all had an amazing break and are super refreshed for 2018!

If, like the Geeks, you’re struggling to get back into the swing of things after having time off, it may be time to motivate your mojo and tackle those New Years resolutions.  This got us all thinking at the HQ, what exactly are New Years resolutions, where does the term come from and what are the most common resolutions?

The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year’s resolutions, some 4,000 years ago. They were also the first to hold recorded celebrations in honour of the new year—though for them the year began not in January but in mid-March, when the crops were planted. The most common resolutions are:

  • To stay fit and healthy
  • Lose weight
  • Enjoy life to the fullest
  • Spend more time with family and friends

This time last year the Geeks put their thinking glasses on and voted to taste test a new food every week. If you follow our Instagram page @theoriginalgeeksters you’ll remember there were many more food hell taste tests than food heaven!  So this year, after much deliberation, the Geeks have voted to ‘enjoy life to the fullest’.  This means that one of the Geeks will be experiencing a new adventure every month in our Guru Geekathon. We’ll be confronting our fears, achieving our goals and looking awkward in the process as we finally get chance to carry out something we’ve always wanted to do, but never either had the chance or time to follow it through.

Whether it’s horse riding, flying a kite, learning to ride a unicycle or paddle boarding in Hawaii (well perhaps not in Hawaii but we can dream) we’ve got it covered!

If you fancy accomplishing a personal goal or improving your life, then stick with us and we’ll support each other along the way. Or if you just fancy having a good old giggle at our expense, then keep a look out for ‘Guru’s Geekathon’.

New year, new adventures…  C’mon get your epic Geek on! #GuruGeekathon


Geekster Greetings

Here we are again Geeksters… we’re welcoming in December at Guru HQ with a whole lotta love and we’re ready to share our all time favourite moments of the year with YOU!

Hold on tight as we’re about to Rewind, Pause and hit the Play button on 2017.

Get ready… Get set… GURU!

Go For It Geek Corinne: One of my fave highlights from this year was watching the amazing Geeksters attending our stand at this years summer events. It was awesome to see them posing for photos and receiving cuddles in return. The beautiful dogs from Ruff and Tumble, REALLY stole my heart this year! You feel your heart could burst seeing the love between humans and their dogs.  I’m looking forward to 2018 as we get to meet all of the Geeksters and their families at the summer events again, who we now class as our friends.

Golden Geek Sam: My top of the list moment of 2017 (which i’m sure a lot of four legged friends will agree with) has to be the launch of the SAUSAGESSS! A lot of thought and GURUviness went into creating them, especially the packaging and it’s fab to see them being enjoyed by all our gorgeous Geeksters. Made with 70% British Venison, Sweet potato and Chopped Apple, there really is Nothing To Hide! I’m drooling just thinking about them…

Gorgeous Geek Laura: I really enjoyed getting to finally meet all of our GeekSTARs at this years events. Spending time with Dapper Maximus, Oscar and their lovely family. Getting cuddles from Woody, Wilma and Amelia too has just about made this year GeekSTAR perfect. I’m so excited for 2018 as we’re attending the new Dog Fest Venue in Bristol and it will also be my first trip to Dog Fest South… it’s gonna be a blast!

Geekiest Geek Steph: I’m the newbie to the Guru team, having only started in November, so the last few months have been very exciting with me starting working with this lovely lot and learning all about Guru! I’m hoping that 2018 is just as exciting and I’m looking forward to getting to know all you Geeksters, both two and four legged!! Hugo my Bernese Mountain Dog is going to hopefully be fully transitioned onto Guru food as well by the new year which is very exciting as he’s never been too fussed about his food before but LOVES a bit of Surf and Turf! He’ll even do tricks for it so no complaints there! 2018 will also (fingers crossed) be when me and Hugo get on the property ladder, he’s already put in a request for his own room…we’ll keep you updated!

GURUvy Geek Lisa: 2017… you’ve been extra special to #TeamGuru so it’s extremely difficult for me to pick just one favourite moment. Let’s rewind to the beginning of the year when the Geeks made a New Years resolution to try a food we’d never tasted before… would it be food heaven or food hell? If you have a spare 20 mins over the festive period, check out @theoriginalgeeksters page on Instagram where we taste tested a new food every week, right up to Christmas. I think my all time favourite taste test was when Golden Geek Sam taste tested Marmite, it’s a cracker!  Another favourite moment for me has already been mentioned above… the launch of our Nothing to Hide range of Sausages! It was a momentous moment for us all, especially as we launched them at the Dog Fest North event in June and it was so much fun to see Geeksters old and new trading tricks for a succulent sausage slice! Our super sausages even made an appearance in our Christmas Stockings this year, which were so popular that they sold out in a matter of days… twice!  Finally, how can we say Goodbye to 2017 without mentioning our Guruvy Geeksters who’ve made each month special by appearing on our postcards that accompany every parcel that leaves Guru HQ, they truly are a firm favourite. The question is… who will be making an appearance on our 2018 postcards? 

Thank YOU for helping to #SpreadTheLove with us throughout 2017

Another month, another year,

Another smile, another tear,

Another cuddle and tail wag too,

We wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for YOU xx

We wish all our Geeksters a very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year. Remember to leave a little sparkle wherever you go…

Holiday RoadTrippers?

Christmas is near and the New year’s upon us…
Will you be heading on an ADVENTure over the Holiday period? If so, Polly’s here to woof all about her ‘must have’ takeaways (trust us, it’s a tasty one)!

Your dog’s food is very important as this is what gives them all their energy and good nutrition is vital for every dog. We feed Polly Guru Surf & Turf and we always take down a 5KG bag with us on a week trip as you can seal the bag for freshness. If we are going for a weekend away we just weigh and bag up the correct daily feeding amounts. However, days out on holiday with Guru’s innovative Trip Bones are literally a walk in the park! We have never seen anything like Trip Bones in the pet industry, Guru really have produced a completely unique product that is so useful!

The bones are packed full of natural ingredients to ensure Polly has lots of energy to have the best adventures!

Polly really savors her Trip Bones, you can tell after she’s had one she’s really enjoyed the experience. From an owners perspective, Trip Bones cause no mess or stink in our possession so it’s a win win situation. Polly loves them and we love them!

Lots of Love,
Keep Fluffy,
Our Fluffy Family xx

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Don’t forget Geeksters, throughout December all our Trip bones have had a Festive Geekover! Share your pics with us and use #WoofmasTripBones

The Cotswold Geeksters

Your dog’s diet is extremely important but do you know what you’re actually feeding them?

Up until recently, I had always stuck to one particular brand of dog food. I trusted that they were providing my dogs with the best possible nutrients and nutritional value. However, when I really looked into it all it was doing was providing my dogs with unnecessary chemicals, additives and preservatives, not something I wanted for my girls that’s for sure.

This year whilst visiting  BBC’s Country File Live I encountered Guru Pet food. It was such a pleasure to discover a brand passionate about their products and that loves dogs just as much as I do.

I came away with a little goodie bag for the girls, featuring a sample pack of food and a lot of trip bones that I purchased.

About Guru Cold Pressed

Guru was founded by couple Lisa and Andrew after failing to find a natural alternative to extruded dog food. They wanted a product that was as close to natural as possible without the hours of prep it took to home make their dog’s food.

After many months of hard work and research, they stumbled across cold pressing and Guru was born!

Guru produces high-quality dog food using only the most natural ingredients, broccoli, beef, fish, rosemary and linseed oil are just some of the key ingredients used in their food. Cold pressing the ingredients keeps them as fresh as possible, retaining more of the vitamins and minerals compared to your standard dog food brands that use a method of extrusion.

Extrusion is a process of cooking at high temperatures, whilst this is a cheaper way to produce food the quality isn’t as high as cold pressed. Many vitamins and minerals are lost and denaturalised therefore a large quantity of food is needed to be fed.

The benefits of feeding Guru are…..

– Strengthening of the immune system
– No additives or preservatives
– Improvement of skin and coat
– Gluten free
– Reduce stool odour
– Freshen breath
– Free from animal testing

Changing to Guru pet food

Changing your dog on to Guru is extremely easy, start by gradually decreasing your dog’s old food whilst simultaneously increasing the amount of Guru.  This will avoid an upset tummy and make transitioning much easier for all.

Below are the steps I took when changing both of the girls’ food.


Changing to Guru has been plain sailing, the girls have enjoyed their food from the get-go. Even Daisy who is a major fusspot normally favouring homemade food to the general dog food loves her Guru.

I like that we also have the option to add water to make it a porridge which is a nice treat on these colder mornings. Speaking of treats did you know Guru makes the perfect training reward!  I often take a handful in my pocket whilst out and about with the girls, it also comes in handy when taking photos for our blog and social media too!  

It has been such an eye opener changing the girls feed, I have learned so much more about each of my dogs’ nutritional needs and I believe feeding Guru is the best way for my girls.

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Such gorgeous girls xx
We hope everyone’s starting to Feel Festive…

10 Q’s With Guru!

Eva and Amelia took time out of their busy schedule to ask 10 cool Q’s with Guru…

Autumn is upon us! It feels like this year is going so fast!! One of the most exciting things about 2017 has been finding Guru Pet Food. When we launched our blog this past February Guru was one of the first companies to work with us and I credit much of our success to their undying support! Amelia has of course gone topsy turvy for their Surft & Turf recipe… not to mention the sausages !!

Interview with Guru Pet Food…

  1.  Who are the Geeks behind Guru?
    We’re a family owned business, founded by Lisa & Andrew. We have a team of Geeks behind the scenes who each play an important role to ensure you and your furiends enjoy a GURUvy experience! You’ve probably seen some of the Geeks (Sam, Steph, Corinne & Laura) on our ‘@theoriginalgeeksters’ Instagram page, we’re always up for a chin wag, fun and a right good giggle!
  2. What’s the magic behind Cold Pressed dog food?
    Having checked the dictionary definition of ‘magic’ we’ll take it that you mean fascinating, irresistible and captivating… Haha!
    On a more serious note, by producing complete dog food using the cold pressed method, we retain all of the ingredients flavour, aroma, vitamins and nutritional value. Therefore, providing a naturally nutritious and balanced diet for your four legged friend.
  3. It’s been two years since Guru was born, what’s been the biggest surprise over these two years?
    The biggest surprise is that Guru launched two years ago, where does time go? It feels like we’ve achieved so much, in such a short time.
    We’d like to take this opportunity Eva to thank each and every one of YOU who has supported us over the last two years… Mwaah x
  4. You have quite the clientele! Everyone is drawn to Guru, what do you think draws people to you?
    Yayyy… shout out to the #GeeksterSquad. All of our Geeksters are part of the Guru Family and we really mean that!
    As you’re aware Eva, our hashtag from when we first launched and which we still use today, is for us all to #SpreadTheLove. It’s an incredible feeling to know that our Geeksters believe and feel the same way!
  5. What inspired your recipes Surf & Turf and Full on Feast? 
    An absolute love of food!! Surf and Turf is our original recipe and the inspiration for this came from Lisa’s favourite dish! Lisa couldn’t find any Surf and Turf recipes for her dogs on the market and wanted Gino and Duke to join the pawty.
    Our Full on Feast recipe was inspired by feedback from our customers who wanted a Grain Free recipe. Our Duck recipe is the only Grain Free cold pressed recipe on the market.
    Our customers ask and we always listen!
  6. Venison sausage treats are your newest product launch! Could you tell us more about them! 
    SAUSAGESSS…! Geeksters just can’t get enough of them. Our Nothing to Hide sausages are made with quality ingredients and are naturally air-dried to lock in all of the goodness. They’re made from 70% British Venison, sweet potato and apple and they smell de-lish. They’re also perfect for training and popping in your pocket, if you’ve not tried them… what are you waiting for?
  7. Could you tell us a fun fact about The team at Guru that no one else knows about?
    The first thing that pops into our heads, is that we’re all crazy… but everyone knows that already! I suppose a fun one is that we all have nicknames and we do use them. Here’s a couple below:
    Guruvy Geek Lisa 
    Golden Geek Sam 
    Go for It Geek Corinne 
    Gorgeous Geek Laura
    Geekiest Geek Steph
  8. What’s a typical day like at the Guru HQ?
    Busy… but we’re not complaining. Put it this way, we go through a lot of tea bags and plenty of crumpets to keep us all going 😊
  9. Where can people buy Guru pet food?
    The majority of pet parents buy Guru online, as it’s super convenient and we offer free delivery on all orders over £50.00. Having said that, we stock our products in select pet stores around the UK. So, if you still like shopping old school and you want to pop into a store, you can give us a call to see if there’s a store local to you.
  10. What’s in store for Guru this coming year?
    Now that would be telling… Haha!
    We don’t know if you’ve already heard, but Dog Fest will be hosting 3 shows next year, which is one thing we’re super-duper excited about! Here at Guru HQ, we’re already buzzin’ about our stand Geek-over… but more importantly, it’s a chance to see furiends old and new – we’re getting ready to catch up on all of the Guru gossip, stealing kisses and not forgetting plenty of cuddles on the famous Guru chairs xox
    2018… bring it on!

What can we say! We are head over heels in love with the Geeks behind Guru !


Eva & Amelia ♥

A huge thanks to Eva & Amelia for our exclusive interview! If you want to be part of their world, check out their Blog, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter xx

Cotswold Cuties Daily Routine

The dogs seem to believe that the most important thing in their life is food…in particular Guru Pet Food. So I thought we’d talk you through their mealtimes and treats.

Like most dog foods Guru is fed depending on your dog’s weight. They have a useful online calculator to help you work out how much food your dogs need per day. The ideal amount suggested for adult dogs is 1.2% of their weight, Woody & Wilma’s are down below and you can calculate yours here. Remember to divide this in half if you feed your dogs twice a day. Overall you will feed your dogs less Guru than other dog food, still filling your dogs up just as much. Meaning you save money as your bag of food lasts longer!

When I come down to the dogs in the morning they head straight out for a wee and then run back in to stand next to the food box, hinting that it is time. I use a Sophie Allport dog  treat tin to store the Guru in, which has a mini scoop which I’ve worked out how many scoops each dog has. The dogs have personalised bowls from We Love To Create which I absolutely ADORE [You’ll know how much I love anything personalised]. I always put the dogs in a sit and wait before eating, it’s a great way to reinforce your training.

When we’re out on walks, photoshoots or at agility I always have tubs of Guru on me. I use Guru instead of other dog treats as my dogs absolutely love it. You may want to cut down their dinner slightly if you’re feeding the dogs out and about but mine don’t easily gain weight as they’re so active, so i’m not bothered. It’s so important to reward your dogs  so they know what they have done right, always tell them well done rather than punishing them when they haven’t done it. The Guru “nuggets” as I call them can be snapped in two for smaller treats for a quick reward. Woody practically inhales them no matter what size, but Wilma sometimes does struggle eating them; especially at agility when she needs a quick reward before running off [You’ll spot me waiting for her at the end of a piece of agility equipment whilst she’s munching away].

If i’m asking a lot from the dogs, for example a hard task or paying attention around lots of distractions I use a higher priority treat. This means that the treat is the most exciting thing around and they will do anything for it. This is also great for recall practise. When calling your dogs back to you a different kind of treat to normal is very important as they’ve run ahead to explore all the exciting smells so won’t want to come all the way back just for an ordinary treat. For this I use Guru Venison sausages, because my spaniels believe there is no food better than a sausage.

Recall is also great for action shots

The back of the ‘Nothing to hide – Venison Sausages’ advises only 5 pieces per dog, per day. So these aren’t suitable as every day treats because clearly my two eat many more than 5 treats a day! It’s always worth checking the back of dog treat packets as many will have guidelines to how many your dogs can have a day to keep them healthy – another reason why using their dog food is a great idea.

The dogs soon remind you that it’s dinner time again and it’s the same routine as the morning. In the evening at 9pm exactly the dogs come and find you for their 9 o’clock chew. Im not quite sure how this all started but 9o’clock on the dot they pester you until you give it to them. It used to be a Dentastix each but since learning how bad they are for dogs we changed over to natural chews and haven’t gone back since!

Do your dogs eat Guru? We recommend it to everyone! Order a sample and find out if you love it as much as we do.

Megan, Woody & Wilma


See more of our gorgeous Country GeekSTARs: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blog.

Training made easier with Guru treats!

Since joining Instagram when Maximus was a little pup, I’ve trained him to ‘pose for the camera’ (essentially just waiting on command). Along with some basic commands like ‘sit’ and more complex tricks like ‘play dead’.

I transitioned Max onto Guru Pet Food in early December of 2016, when he was just 6 months old. I quickly found that he would listen to commands more when I used a Guru cold pressed pellet over a basic training treat. Ever since, it’s been very useful with training and photo taking and I swear by it!

I even once placed both a Guru pellet and a normal treat on the floor for him to pick the one he wanted, can you guess which one he chose?

The Guru pellets are quite rich so if we use these as treats, we make sure to give him a smaller dinner.

The pellets are shown in the following image to the right.

Recently, Guru have released their very own treats: Venison Sausages (shown in the image above to the left)They are delicately sliced into bite size pieces for your pooch and contain 70% Venison, so they’re high quality and very tasty

When I heard about this, I probably got more excited than I should’ve done, but I just knew Maximus would love them! Max was one of the ‘taste testers’ for the sausages and he definitely gave his paw of approval!

Understandably, the packet instructs you to only give your dog 5 pieces per day as they are quite rich, hence why they are so delicious! But I have no doubt that Max would happily have many more and suffer the rather unpleasant, smelly consequences…

The packet also informs you of the benefits of these sausages. Including that they are hypoallergenic, meaning they are:

  • Grain free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Soya free
  • Beef free

Sometimes we also use a ball to make Maximus wait or perform a trick, but he gets a bit too excited and impatient so Guru is our go2 option that we can rely on.

I do some agility with Maximus as a fun little hobby. Sometimes he can be distracted and I’ve tried a variety of treats to keep him focused, but nothing works as much as Guru. He is so much more attentive in comparison to when I use other treats!

The Venison sausages would also be useful for recall training as they act as a tasty reward.

This is only one of the many reasons why I love feeding Maximus and Oscar Guru, if you are already happy with the food you feed your dog and don’t want to switch anytime soon, why not use Guru as treats?

Guru cold pressed pellets are not only for meals, they also make the pawfect treat, why not spoil your pooch! How can any pup resist extra Guru!!

Charlotte & Maximus x

See more of Maximus and his mum’s FURbulous photography through their social media:
(Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and blog

Our Fluffy Polly

After looking into Polly’s current food we realised the quality was lower and the cost was higher compared to Guru, so the decision to join the Guru club was an absolute no-brainer.

Creators Lisa & Andrew are inspiring, they’ve worked impeccably hard to find the highest quality of naturally nutritious food to give dogs a long and healthy life, what more could you ask for?! Through research and utilising their experience as pet parents, they sought a dog food that is equivalent to a home cooked meal. Without compromising on flavour, they fought tirelessly for perfection and whala … the cold pressed method was born, solving their dream of retaining those high quality ingredients. All hail Lisa & Andrew a true hardworking partnership, all for the love of our best companions.

How do you change your dogs food?

It is highly vital you gradually change your dogs current food over a period of 7-14 days to avoid an upset tummy or digestive complications. To transition over the 7-14 days, gradually decrease the amount of your dogs current food whilst increasing the amount of new dog food. An indicator as to whether your dog is taking to the new food well is to check their stools for any irregularities and consistency. If diarrhea is ever apparent slow the weaning process down by adding only a pinch of the new food.  Below is a brilliant visual produced by Guru that I had to share with you, it’s a very easy way to understand how to ween your furry friend, however bare in mind that with Guru you will most likely be feeding your dog much less than their current food.

Our weaning experience

We weaned Polly over 14 days and it went without a hitch! Gradually, day by day, she became a fully fledged Guru GeekSTAR. Polly absolutely adores Guru and she really looks forward to her feedies time. The big change myself & Jack have noticed is that the Surf & Turf kibble smells so good we could almost dive in, whereas Polly’s old food smelt very fishy and pongy.

Have we noticed anything different?

We have noticed a significant difference in moulting since feeding Polly on Guru. Moulting isn’t necessarily a problem for us as we do brush Polly daily to remove any dead coat. However, Polly’s coat does highlight where dead fur is apparent and the quantity has reduced a lot since. Hetty the vacuum cleaner is very grateful!

Fancy trying Guru?!

Guru offer a sample pack which contains 200g of cold pressed dog food for your pooch to try. If you then decide to order a 5KG or 14KG bag they will give you 10% off your first order!

With thanks to Guru, Polly is now a Guru GeekSTAR this means we will be bringing you updates on Polly’s Guru journey!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post,

Keep Fluffy,


Our Fluffy Family xx

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Getting Guruvy and becoming…

So you’ve probably already heard of Guru Pet Food, or maybe you haven’t, but it didn’t take long after making Roshe’s Instagram account for me to notice it everywhere on there! So I’d always sort of been curious as to whether it really was as fab as everyone seemed to think.

Recently I decided to properly look into Guru, because I was concerned the food we were giving Roshe, just wasn’t that good for him. And boy was I shocked when I saw the rating! I used the site, All About Dog Food, to compare ratings. The food we were giving Roshe came in at a pitiful 0.4 out of 5!! I couldn’t have been more horrified, I felt like such a bad dog mum haha! So out of interest I searched for Guru, to find that Guru’s Surf and Turf came in at a fantastic 4.9 and I know this is only one site’s comparisons, but it was enough for me, and you only have to have a quick look at Guru’s website to read all about it and see just how fab it is for your beloved pooch!

Here is a link with all the information on why becoming cold pressed obsessed could be fab for your pup!

But here is a few of the points which I personally liked about Guru;

  • Guru is cold pressed, meaning it holds as much of the nutrients from the ingredients as possible, making it the closest dog food to a dogs natural diet.
  • Being a nutritionally dense food, you don’t need to feed your pooch as much as you would a bog standard kibble, meaning you won’t use as much therefore will spend less! Always a plus!
  • There’s no chemical additives or artificial colours, no preservatives, no GM products.
  • It’s a family owned business based in the UK, which has only been going since 2015 and already has such a hype around it, so that can only be a good thing!

We first ordered a couple of sample packs for Roshe, one of each of their flavours, Full on Feast and Surf & Turf. At the same time we also ordered a couple of the small field trip bones to see what he thought of them. We do quite a bit of hill walking and thought they’d be perfect for taking with us if he liked them.

I quickly realised Roshe not liking them wouldn’t be an issue when our delivery arrived, I could barely get into the box myself before Roshe! He loooved it, I tested a few pieces with him as rewards for a few tricks and he just couldn’t get enough! There was a good amount in the samples, and as we were mixing the Guru with his normal food, it meant we got 8 servings out of both samples.

A couple of days later I ordered the Surf and Turf large pack, which is a 14kg bag of food, a measuring cup and a Road Trip Bone. I’d fancied getting the measuring cup anyway for convenience so it was fab seeing this combo on offer, and also getting to save some pennies!

Roshe has been on Guru for about a month now and I’m positive it’s already made a difference, his coat is oh so glossy and he doesn’t let off wind like he used to (which is definitely a bonus…) He also used to get smelly breath on occasion and he doesn’t seem to have had that since introducing Guru which is another massive plus!

Guru kindly added a few freebies to our first ever order because of this blog post, so thank you very much Guru! 💛

Roshe adored the venison sausages, so they will definitely be included in our next order, along with plenty of Trip Bones! The Trip Bones have come in so so handy, we recently went down to Loch Lomond to stay for a couple of nights and so a Trip Bone was perfect for our journey home over dinner time. They also came in handy as a tasty snack when we reached the top of a munro we climbed recently, they are so easy to take with us. So I would definitely recommend even just the Trip Bones for convenience if you don’t want to make the full on conversion to Guru yet, although Roshe would absolutely recommend that you do I’m sure!

Hope this post has been useful to you if, like me, you’ve been considering Guru for a while.


S&R x

Would you like to see more of this Handsome Hound? Check out his Instagram page: @roshethesprocker

Remember, Remember our furiends this November

So, we’re getting close to bonfire night, which is great for a lot of us (like Ralph) but for some of our furry friends (like Mac), it’s not their favourite time of the year…

Help your dog Fight their Firework Fears with Ralph & Mac’s top tips:

F etch a Guru Trip bone to help distract your pooch and keep them busy.

I f you know a dog who isn’t scared of Fireworks, keep them together to show your dog there’s no need to be afraid.

R eplay thunderstorm/firework noises working up to the events, starting quietly in the background and gradually increase the volume, to help your furiend desensitise to loud bangs while doing something they enjoy.

E ntertain your dog by playing with them and ignore the fireworks yourself.

W alk them in daylight hours, making sure they’re wearing their collar, then keep them indoors when the fireworks are likely to be set off.

O nce your dog shows signs of fear, such as barking, remember not to punish them as it will only make things worse in the long run.

R emember to act normal/calm. If you make a fuss, your four legged friend will think there’s something to worry about…

K eep your windows and curtains closed and play music/watch an action movie to muffle the sound of fireworks.

S afe haven, this is what you need to create for your dog. Create a hiding place that you can make as snug and secure as possible. They may already have a place they like to go to, such as a bed or if they don’t, create one for them (a while in advance) so your dog knows it’s their safe place when fireworks are in the air.

Stay Safe & enjoy the celebrations Geeksters!

Lots of love,
Ralph & Mac xx

Super Cooper gets GURUvy

“What!!! These goodies are all for me??!!!”

Cooper & I were super lucky to receive an exciting parcel a few weeks ago from the amazing team over at Guru, who were kind enough to send over some samples of their products for Cooper to try out. They sent over a sample of their Surf & Turf, Full on Feast, Chicken Field Trip Bone & Venison Sausages. What a super lucky pup!!!

Who are Guru?

If you haven’t already heard about Guru dog food then where have you been? Since launching in 2015 their presence on social media has grown massively and they already have such a big following. Guru, which is based in Lancashire, creates “cold pressed” dog food, a cooking method that guarantees a naturally nutritious and balanced diet for your four legged friend. It is cold pressed at a low temperature of 44 degrees to allow the tasty bites to retain all of their natural, nutritious goodness. It contains many amazing ingredients such as Beef, Fish, Carrots, Broccoli, Brown Rice & Sweet potato to name a few.

What is also great is that you won’t find any nasty surprises in their food:

  • No chemical additives or artificial colours
  • No preservatives
  • No GM products
  • No gluten
  • No animal testing

To read “the Guru Story” of how it started follow this link:

Cooper’s Diet Background.

To give you a little background into Cooper’s diet history, (if you haven’t already read our introduction post), he’s actually currently on an Annalergenic dog food from the the vets and has been for over a year. He suffered severely from “problem” ears with numerous ear infections as a pup and we finally discovered he was an allergy dog so the vets put him onto a special diet which meant no treats at all just the Annalergenic food. Not very exciting for a dog who loves food. Slowly we have started introducing treats to him that are Hypoallergenic alongside Carrots (which he goes crazy for!) and luckily he seems to be getting along fine with them. I personally believe the problem to be wheat, we’ve never had him tested but the odd occasion he’s naughtily stolen some bread he’s had a bad reaction and a couple of ear infections.

So when I heard about Guru I was so excited to see that their Full on Feast, Surf & Turf, Trip Bones & Venison Sausages were all Hypoallergenic. Not to mention the health benefits for Cooper from cold pressed food, such as a strengthened immune system, reduced stool odor, (a winner in anybody’s book), improved skin & coat and fresher breath.

“Silly Mum put my Trip Bone up here instead of in my mouth!!!”

The Cooper Test…

As always the “proof of the pudding is in the eating” so the minute i opened up the samples of the Full on Feast & Surf & Turf Cooper genuinely seemed to get excited as he could smell it. As soon as I put it down for him he didn’t waste any time in devouring the bowl full. The samples they sent had a good 3-4 days worth which was a great amount to see how his stomach / ears responded to the new food as changes show up very quickly with him. Thankfully I’m very pleased to report that Guru was a success with him and I didn’t see any signs / symptoms of any issues like he used to get. The field trip bones are small cold pressed chicken bones made with carefully selected ingredients which are described as being perfect to take on walks or as treats every day. They couldn’t have been a bigger success with him and I genuinely think he already knows the words “Trip Bone Tuesday” as he goes crazy when you say it. Then of course there are the Venison Sausages which are made with quality ingredients and naturally air-dried to help maintain their flavor, aroma and nutrients. Guru are proud to say there’s NOTHING TO HIDE and are made from sustainabley sourced British Venison Meat. Cooper will literally do absolutely anything for them which is great for any training work we do together.

“Seriously…..Can I eat them yet???” – “Nom, nom, nom!!!”

The Verdict

Guru as a whole has really impressed me from the ethos behind the whole company, to their customer service and of course to the actual products themselves. Once his current food gets low I think we will definitely look at changing him over as he absolutely loved it. The Trip bones & Venison Sausages have already become a firm favorite and we have re-purchased some to make sure his treat box is fully topped up.  I think it’s fair to say Cooper has definitely become a very happy “Geekster”.

Love, Fi & Coop’s xXx

Super Cooper has a super blog & Instagram page, check them out!

Also, why not look at some beautiful handmade Acc’s for your pampered Pooch… @cotswoldpooch

Ruby the GURUvy Calendar Girl

If you know me well, you’ll already know my love for Guru Pet Food and the team behind the scenes!

As a Guru Geekster for exactly 7 months, I just had to share my experience with you all. 

We first met the Guru team back in 2016 at the Game Fair when we were greeted by the lovely Lisa and Sam who were very excited to meet me! It was love at first sight for me and Auntie Lisa, as she has two of her own handsome boxers so of course I gave her a full boxer greeting *wags the whip-like tail, vigorously shakes boxer bum and giving copious amounts of boxer kisses!*

After giving everyone the Ruby greeting it was time for me to have my first taste of Guru as I sampled a trip bone! – Mum said it was like watching someone eat their favourite bar of chocolate when you scoff it all until the very last piece, then savour the tiniest crumb! IT WAS THAT DELICIOUS!


As a fussy eater I have never been able to stick to one food until some months later, mum decided to trial Guru’s cold pressed dog food as we didn’t want the fuss of raw food prep nor eating kibble either! Well.. since then I have not looked back! This food looks, smells and tastes super! How does mum know this? Because I never ever leave even a crumb and I’m up ready for breakfast even before she is! 

As a petite boxer, I have always been on the slim side but now with my Guru diet I am the perfect weight, my coat is shinier than ever and my humans are pleased about the minimal dog mess to pick up! 

Here I am before starting Guru back in January 2017 (left) and here I am now in tip top condition! (right)

So, here are the five things I love about Guru…

1. Super duper tasty food not only with quick delivery, but my local Countrywide store stocks it to!

2. Trip bones for life!

3. Venison Sausages are THE BEST!


4. The Geeksters are like one big crazy family and always make us feel so welcome when we pay them a visit! (See our latest road trip with Guru at CountryFile Live giving geekstar Auntie Lisa Kisses below!)

5. And lastly, getting to drool over photos of resident Guru boxers Duke and Gino!

Thank you Guru, it’s always a paws up from me!

If you’d like to give Guru a go, order your sample here.

Lots of kisses,
Ruby x  

Check Ruby’s adventures out on her blog & Instagram @rubytheboxerdog

A Year on, how does Rufus rate Guru?

Can you believe it’s almost a year since I made the transition for Rufus’ dog food? Rufus has been on Guru Pet Food for a little over a year now. I thought we’d write a little update to let you know how we are getting on and why we’re still championing this cold pressed food.

We receive a lot of dog food samples through the blog and Rufus has been lucky enough to try lots of different dog foods. When we first bought Rufus home, I kept him on his well known brand of kibble, with the attitude he was eating it and that was the main thing. I genuinely thought it was a healthy dog food because of how well known it was. Sometimes, he’d leave his dinner but I was under the impression it filled a hole for him but it was never going to live up to his tuna obsession. He digested it fine, it was affordable and we couldn’t really complain.

Since moving to Guru, Rufus adores dinner and breakfast time. He’s a very food orientated little soul but nothing quite wets his appetite like Guru does. As soon as we’ve put our knife and fork down from our dinner, Rufus stalks out my fiance waiting for Guru; tip tapping across the house waiting for his food to be filled full of delicious Guru. He’s never ever left any of the pellets in his bowl since moving over.

Not only does Rufus love Guru; I’ve seen the added health benefits. Rufus is definitely more chilled out, his coat is a lot shinier and he’s maintained his healthy 10kg weight. I was worried when we first moved onto Guru that he’d loose weight as it seems you’re giving your dog a lot less food but our annual vet visit confirmed he’s spot on for his terrier breed. As well as the happy dog, it helps wonders with my bank account with a 5kg bag usually lasting us 6 weeks! It’s a lot cheaper than our old brand and I’m happy I’m feeding him a well balanced and happy diet.

Rufus and I are also a huge fan of their field trip bones. They are the on the go meal equivalents in a bone form, which are great whilst we’re out and about. Sometimes, when our cheeky Friday afternoon beer turns into a Friday night session it’s great to know Rufus will still be having his meal as I always have one of these in my bag to hand! We’re also super lucky that Guru put a cheeky field trip bone in our Guru parcels every now and again.

Finally, and this is one point I cannot go without mentioning, one of the biggest things I love about Guru is that they are one of the friendliest companies I have ever worked with. It’s lovely knowing that our dog food is coming from a small company and the customer service they give is second to none. Apart from my Mum and Dad, sometimes I feel Guru are our biggest cheerleaders supporting the little blog and always being on hand with next day delivery when I forget to order it (oops!). When we attended Dog Fest South, we were lucky enough to meet Lisa from Guru Pet Food who adored little Rufus and was extremely friendly and welcoming of us. It honestly goes a long, long way.

Will we be sticking with Guru? Absolutely. It’s friendly on my bank account, if I ever took Rufus to their head office in Wigan he probably wouldn’t come home, and it’s healthy for my little dog.

Becky & Rufus x

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