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How to manage your dog’s weight

Being overweight can cause a dog real health problems, ranging from arthritis to diabetes; and a lighter, fitter dog will recover better from illness or injury. An overweight dog may not live as long as their slimmer friends, and certainly won’t enjoy such a healthy and active life.

Happily, it’s pretty easy to recognise and act upon the signs of canine obesity, and even easier to control their future diet. Here’s Guru’s guide to preventing plump pets.

What are the signs that my dog’s overweight?

Because our dogs come in all shapes and sizes, it’s tricky to simply weigh them and carry out a simple BMI calculation. There are dog weight calculators online, but we’d always recommend a regular weigh-in with the V.E.T.

You can also keep an eye on your dog’s appearance. With most breeds, their tummies should slope upwards towards their back ends, rather than hang down roundly in the middle. From above, it should look like your dog has a waist, curving in slightly in the middle.

If you run your hands over them, you should just about be able to feel their ribs. These shouldn’t stick out, but you should be able to tell they’re there without having to press deeply. We appreciate that this is harder with fluffier dogs!

My dog’s overweight – what do I do?

Firstly, don’t panic and stick them on a crash diet. Like any successful human slimming plan, the key is gradual and manageable weight loss – plus cutting down on all those pound-piling treats.

Start off by speaking to your vet and getting their advice about managing the initial weight loss (as well as making sure there isn’t an underlying cause for those extra ounces). Then, long-term, the aim is to get them onto a healthy diet, feeding them the right amount, and minimising snacks.

If you use our handy feeding calculator, it will tell you how much Guru you need to feed your dog based on their ideal weight.

What should I do if my dog’s underweight?

Weight gain is easier to explain than weight loss, especially if your pet’s fond of their food. Any unexplained drop in weight needs checking out by the vet. Hopefully they’ll rule out anything worrying, and will discuss managing their diet going forward.

Again, it’s super-important to make sure your dog is getting the right nutrient and calorie intake every day. Our feeding guide calculators work perfectly for most dogs to keep them in just the right shape, however if you find that your dog is super active or struggles to keep weight on, then you may have to adjust the amount you feed accordingly. If this is the case, you can try increasing the amount of Guru you feed, just make sure to keep an eye on your dogs weight and if you start to notice loose stools, this can be a sign of over feeding. If this occurs, just gradually reduce the number of grams you feed, until you find the portion size that best suits your dog. It may be that you have to feed a thinner dog little and often at first, so as not to overload them.

How do I keep my dog at a healthy weight?

Like us, dogs need to have the right balance of a healthy and nutritious diet, and regular exercise. Most of us take our dogs out at least twice a day; however, a stroll to the post office isn’t going to run off many cals! Think about more active trips out, such as a good old game of fetch down the park. (If you have an older dog, or your pet has an underlying condition, speak with a professional about the safest sorts of exercise.)

And when it comes to a healthy diet, we can definitely help you there…!

How can Guru help?

Guru’s complete dog food is satisfying and delicious, ensuring your dog’s tum is happily full. A Guru-fed pet won’t need to go scrounging for extra treats, as our Cold Pressed food keeps them fuller for longer. Because our food is cold-pressed, the nutrients aren’t reduced or destroyed by heating, so you know your dog’s getting everything they need to stay healthy. Plus, our calculator allows you to serve up the perfect portion for your pet’s size.

Of course, it’s hard to completely cut out treats, especially as most of us pet parents use them as rewards and training aids. Try a nutritious treat such as our Nothing To Hide Reel Fishskins, which are full of fishy goodness and Omega 3.


Why not find out how switching to Guru helped gorgeous boy Harvey lose weight and regain an active lifestyle here.

If you have any questions or you’d like to have a chat, please feel free to call one of the Geeks on 01257 255800, we’re always happy to help!

Thanks for reading,
The Guru Geeks xx

Why We Love Cockapoos

Part Cocker Spaniel and part Poodle, Cockapoos have been charming humans since the cross breed first appeared in the 1950s. Friendly Cockapoos make wonderful pets; and we’ve certainly met some absolutely adorable ones.

Here’s why everyone needs a cute and clever Cockapoo in their lives.

Why Are Cockapoos So Popular?

Those eyes… Look into a Cockapoo’s upturned face, and we guarantee you’ll melt faster than a snowball in a microwave. The expression “puppy dog eyes” could have been created for this adorable-looking breed. They come in a range of colours, and their coats go from curly-whirly to strokable satin. They are reasonably small (the very biggest is about 18”), and packed full of energy, curiosity and intelligence.

For their pet parents, they are deeply rewarding dogs, as they’re loyal, loving, and great company. Who could possibly ask for more?

Cockapoos At Work

Their trainability makes the Cockapoo a good service dog. You’ll find Cockapoos working as hearing dogs or assistance dogs, and their friendly natures make them excellent therapy dogs.

If you think your Cockapoo has the right temperament, you can apply for him or her to join a Pets As Therapy (PAT) team. As well as benefiting the people they visit, your sociable Cockapoo will enjoy the stimulation of new faces and places.

Cockapoos At Play

If you want a dog who’ll happily go for a run with you, a Cockapoo is a great choice. These energetic dogs love to scamper and play, and their busy brains need exercise too. Keep your clever Cockapoo stimulated with something like agility training (if you want to try your hands at Crufts, this is the dog for you) or scent-based activities.

They’re also loving and affectionate dogs who enjoy human company. As they’re both cuddly and playful, they make good family pets; however, their companiable nature makes them a lovely addition to a smaller household, too.

Caring For Your Cockapoo’s Curls

Cockapoos come with three broad hair types, depending on the Cocker: Poodle ratio. A lot of the latter results in tighter curls, then comes a looser, more ringletty variety. As the Cocker input increases, you get a straighter, wavier coat. Cockapoos with coarser curls moult very little (but whatever you’ve heard, they’re never completely hypoallergenic), which is a blessing, but they will need a good grooming regime.

Diet can also help with coat maintenance. The cold-pressed oils in Guru are fantastic for their fur, and we’ve had feedback from professional groomers that Guru-fed dogs’ curls are easier to brush and manage.

Feeding Fussier Cockapoos

Speaking of dog food, Cockapoos, for all their intelligence, can be super-fussy eaters. This possibly comes from their poodle side, as they can be very picky. So, at Guru, we’re always extremely flattered when Cockapoo owners get in touch to tell us that their pets love Guru, and how well the food transitioning process is going!

Cockapoos don’t always like a dry kibble, and if your dog’s like this, you can serve Guru as a wet meal. Measure out the correct amount of Guru, and add 125ml warm water for every 100g of food. Leave the mix to stand for five minutes, then gently stir it. Make sure it’s cool before setting the bowl down, then stand back and watch your Cockapoo tuck in! The wet feeding method is especially good for smaller Cockapoos.


What’s not to love? Make sure they get the food they like (Guru, naturally!) and keep those curls brushed, and you have an easy-going, beautiful and intelligent companion.

As always, thanks for reading!
The Guru Geeks xox


Photo Credit: the ADORABLE @fudge_e_wudgie_cockapoo

Guru = Team GB?

Guru… in the same sentence as ‘Team GB’ we hearing you saying!

Oh yes Geeksters, get yourself comfy and listen up, as we have some super exciting news…

As you can imagine, here at Guru HQ we’re asked many times each week to be involved in sponsoring events, charities and giveaways. We try to be involved in as many as possible and even though we love to #SpreadTheLove we simply can’t be involved in them all.

Rewind to 2017, when Jelli was introduced to us all on ‘Cockers in the Country’ Instagram page. Jelli was a teeny tiny puppy when she first became a Geekster and we’ve followed both her and her siblings adventures since then.

So who are Cockers in the Country? Isla & Jelli are a Mother and Daughter team who are very active on both Facebook and Instagram. As we kept up date with their stories, we were so excited to read that they were involved in both agility and obedience training. After meeting Jo (their hooman) at one of our summer events and since having a chat about their goals, we’re delighted to be sponsoring them and keeping you all informed of their progress over the next 6 months, on their dream Team GB agility journey.

These adorable Working Cocker Spaniels train with a fantastic local club, who have a great ethos and experienced instructors. They also train alongside Team GB competitor, Charlotte Harding… these guys truly are focused!

As we all know, diet is a major factor in keeping your furiends happy and healthy, especially when they’re super active! Jelli, Isla & Bracken (yes that’s right, they also have a handsome Springer Spaniel to complete the terrific trio) are all fed Guru and as previously mentioned, have been since Jelli was a baby.

Each and every month, we’ll be bringing you all the CITC (Cockers in the Country) gossip, behind the scenes footage, training tips and achievements, so if you’re just starting out on the agility/obedience scene and have any questions you want to ask Jo, then get in touch. We literally can’t wait to see and read all about the girls sporting success and we’re sure you’ll join us in wishing them all the very best.

Want to read more, then head over to CITC blog HERE, to find out exactly what the girls will be up to over the next few months and what their end goals are!

Also, to keep up to date with their achievements and adventures, follow our dynamic duo over on their: Instagram, Facebook and Blog

As always, thank you for reading Geeksters and we hope you enjoy Cockers in the Country’s blog.

Lots of Love,

The Guru Geeks xox

Cold Pressed Obsessed!

Before rescuing Stella in September 2017, Maya and Peanut were being fed exclusively on a raw diet. Stella came to us in a really poor condition having only given birth six weeks earlier. She was really thin, was covered in fleas and had red and itchy skin and ears. I immediately put her on a raw diet and she improved slightly but not much. She received antibiotics for her skin and ears which helped a bit but she was still suffering and was constantly biting her nails too! 

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend things took a turn for the worst and Stella developed chronic vomiting and diarrhoea. It came on suddenly and within 4 hours deteriorated so much that we whisked her off to the emergency vet and she was immediately hospitalised and put on a drip. For whatever reason Stella has compromised immune system and as Peanut has also previously experience similar issues (and they are related) the vet thought that their immune systems were too fragile to tolerate the bacteria in raw food.

Another downside to Stella’s health issues was that I would break out in a rash if any of her fur would touch my skin, so every time I wanted to touch or cuddle her I would have to wear a jumper or a long sleeved top. Bathing and grooming did nothing to change this issue and the vet was at a loss to a reason.

I was a bit reluctant to put the girls on a dry food diet as Maya is such a fuss pot and didn’t enjoy dry food previously and would turn her nose up. But as we had friends who were feeding their dogs on Guru with such great results I decided to give it a try. You can imagine my amazement when the first box arrived and fussy Maya climbed on top of the box and started ripping it open to get to the food inside! Not only did she manage to break open the box but she managed to chew a hole in the food packaging too!

I’m happy to report that this excitement and love hasn’t stopped and they eagerly wait for every delivery. What makes it so much fun for the girls is having the option of having the food dry and wet like a porridge. Having this option means that we can also freeze the food in ice trays and serve their dinner cold in the hot Summer we’ve had.

Stella’s skin and ear issues have completely cleared and as an added bonus within two weeks of starting Guru, I no longer have any skin reaction when touching Stella.

Thank you Guru, we have a house full of very happy girls!

Natasha, Maya, Peanut & Stella xx


Go and check these gorgeous girls out on Instagram here or Facebook here xx

Dogs And Fireworks: Keeping Your Pet Safe On Bonfire Night

Most people love a good fireworks display; however, our dogs are less convinced. As November the Fifth approaches, it’s time to prepare our pets for their least-favourite festivity.

Why is my dog scared of fireworks?

Imagine your home is suddenly surrounded by loud bangs and flashes, and you really don’t understand why. It’s utterly terrifying. That’s how November the Fifth is for your dog.

Pets don’t know that these noises and lights won’t hurt them or their family, so naturally even the most confident canine will be scared. Older dogs may be accustomed to this annual noise-fest; however, dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments will need extra love and attention on fireworks night.

How can I help my dog on Bonfire Night?

There’s plenty we can do as pet parents to lessen the trauma of Bonfire Night for dogs.

There are a few things we can prepare in advance.

Display dates and times

The biggest displays may not be on the fifth itself. Check your local Facebook groups and newspapers to find out days and times. It’s also worth asking the neighbours whether they’re planning any firework parties.

Cosy box

Most dogs (and this is great for cats, too) feel safer in a small and familiar space. A week or so before Bonfire Night, create a special indoor dog den. This can be as simple as a cardboard box with a favourite blanket or one of your jumpers in it. They can then spend a few days getting comfortable with their new safe space.

If you have children, it’s a lovely project to work on together. It will help them understand why their pet might behave a bit differently on bonfire Night.

Familiarity with fireworks

If you want to get your dog a bit more accustomed to the bangs and whizzes, you could try showing them a YouTube fireworks video. Keep it short, and have the volume on low to start with. You can then turn it up a bit more each time they watch the film.

Prep work done, there’s more you can do on Bonfire night itself.

Make your home firework-proof

Close the blinds and curtains, and keep the lighting nice and bright so the flashes aren’t as dramatic. Create some sort of “air lock” system so you can go in and out without the dog making a bolt for outdoors.

Some owners keep the TV or radio on, so normal background noise helps mask the sudden bangs.

Battening down the hatches…

You’ll also need to prepare your dog for the evening ahead. Go for early walkies, preferably before it gets dark. Bring meal time forward as well, as an anxious dog is less likely to eat. Top up the water bowl as nervous animals drink more.

A sense of calm…

Pet Remedy make calming sprays from essential oils that mimic the naturally calming neuro-transmitters. Spray on blankets, pet beds or on cloths you can leave around the room.

Adaptil produces plug-in diffusers, which fill the room with canine-calming pheromones. If you’re trying these, plug them in well in advance to give them chance to get going.

Favourite things

It almost goes without saying that a favourite teddy/toy or much-loved blanket should be in the room too!

Compression shirt

OK, so my pet’s upset, and you want me to put clothes on them?! Well yes, actually. Some dog owners find that compression calms an anxious animal, a bit like being held tightly does. An American company called Thunderworks produces vests for various sizes of dogs that wrap around their torso, applying gentle pressure and bringing reassurance.

Stay with your dog

Sorry humans, you’ll be watching that firework display in shifts! It’s always best to keep your dog company; and remember that even the most placid pet may start to become anxious if the bangs get very loud.

If you’re throwing your own fireworks party, have a designated dog room where they feel safe and can’t escape, and have a rota of canine companions to sit with them.

Be kind

If your dog has a little accident, don’t tell them off as this will heighten their distress about fireworks.

What about unexpected fireworks displays?

This is trickier to plan for. Ideally, local people should be informed if there’s about to be a display; however, with fireworks now a popular wedding and party feature, they can pop up unexpectedly. Also, plan for fireworks at New Year.

Keep the calming sprays to hand, and make sure your pet’s safe space box is accessible. Then it’s simply a case of shutting the door, closing the blinds, and sitting with your dog until it’s all blown over.

You can always consult a pet behavioural specialist and look into desensitisation. However, unless you live next door to professional pyrotechnicians who practice a lot, you probably don’t need to explore this option.

And relax…

The final rocket’s been launched. Well done, dog and parents. Afterwards, reward your dog with lots of cuddles and pats, along with one of their favourite treats – something really special like Guru’s venison sausages.

Dogs’ Dental Health Guide

As a carnivore, your dog should have a splendid set of strong teeth. Back in their wolfish days, they needed their amazing gnashers to tear into their tough, scavenged meals. These days, they’re more likely to chew on your shoes; however, now they’re no longer keeping their teeth strong by tearing into prey, it’s up to us as their owners to take care of our canines’ canines.

Let’s have a closer look at your dog’s teeth, and at what we can do to keep their mouths healthy.

An introduction to doggy teeth

Dogs have an impressive 42 teeth, ten more than we omnivorous hunter-gatherers have developed. Have a look at that spectacular upper premolar, called the carnassial tooth. This is a special carnivore-only tooth, a premolar with a sharp cutting blade – and the reason why you’ll see your dog chewing to the side.

Like us, dogs are born with milk teeth, which they’ve shed by about four months. All puppy owners know when their pet is cutting their new teeth as nothing is spared from being chewed! Also like humans, there’s no third chance: if a dog loses any adult teeth, that’s it. So, it’s super-important to look after your dog’s teeth and gums.

And yes, that does mean getting out the toothbrush…

Photo Cred: @ourfluffyfamily

Brushing your dog’s teeth

If you can start a dental routine when your pet’s still a puppy, brilliant – they won’t know any different. It can be a bit trickier with an older dog, but with patience, you’ll get the hang of it together.

Choose your dog’s most docile time (after a long walk perhaps), and use a tempting-sounding doggy toothpaste like poultry or beef. Just brush a couple of teeth the first time, and work up to the whole mouthful. Be slow and gentle with your brushing, and speak in a soothing voice.

The right ingredients

Dogs have the advantage over us when it comes to healthy teeth. They don’t consume sweets or fizzy drinks, and have a teeth-staining coffee habit. If you make sure your dog’s eating a balanced diet, you know they’ll be getting lots of the essential vitamins and minerals that they need for healthy teeth.

Because Guru food is cold-pressed, it retains more of its essential nutrients than cooked dog food.  This includes omega-3 from the fish and rapeseed oil, calcium from the broccoli, and vitamin A from the meat, all of which benefit dental health. Plus, we’ve added nature’s breath freshener, parsley!

The importance of chewing

Chewing keeps your dog’s teeth and gums strong and healthy. There are a lot of chewy toys in the market, designed to be just the right texture for them to get their teeth into. A real bone is a great treat for your dog, and is brilliant for strengthening their teeth. However, watch out that they’re not biting on too-hard objects, as this can actually damage their teeth.

A Guru-fed dog has all the nutrition they need; however, it’s nice to give them an extra treat from time to time, so why not try our Cold Pressed Trip bones or our Nothing to Hide ‘Reel’ Fishskins? All of these treats help promote dental hygiene, as well as being totally tasty for your dog!

Photo Cred: @ourfluffyfamily

When to get dental help for your dog

Hopefully, a good diet and brushing regime will keep your dog’s teeth in tip-top condition. However, you still need to look out for potential issues, so contact your vet if your dog has:

  • Sore-looking or bleeding gums
  • Crooked or missing teeth
  • Difficulty eating and chewing
  • Bad breath (OK, carnivore breath isn’t always fragrant, but we’re talking extra-bad here)
  • Any bumps or lumps anywhere in their mouth
  • Excessive saliva
  • Tartar build up

Like humans, dogs benefit from regular dental check-ups. Make sure your vet has a good look inside your dog’s mouth at least once a year. You can also arrange for them to have a thorough professional clean, a bit like going to the canine hygienist.

If you see anything different about your dog’s mouth, or just have a sense that all isn’t right with their eating and chewing, contact the vet. If you’d simply like a chat about how good nutrition can benefit your dog’s oral health, please get in touch with us at Guru Pet Food.

Woody’s Catch of the day!

Where better place to test out Guru’s new Reel Fishskins than Cadgwith cove? A sleepy fishing village on Cornwall’s Lizard Peninsula. Fishermen launch their boats from the beach, on the hunt for the best catch of the day.

Woody loves hunting for dead fish at the beach, much to my dismay. He happily trots over after a good rummage in the rock pools carrying a collection of fish tails, crab shells or his absolute favourite, starfish legs.

Arguably you can’t get any fresher than a straight out of the rock pool starfish, however when we were asked to taste test Guru’s new fish skin treats, it came as quite a relief!

The Reel Fishskins are sustainably sourced, which I think is incredible. Living by the sea, we’re surrounded by the consequences of overfishing, plastic pollution and havoc caused on marine life by ghost fishing nets. I admire Guru for their conscientiousness across their products, using sustainable and recyclable alternatives wherever possible. The treats are 100% white fish skin. Exactly the same as the ones I save for Woody when I cook fish for the humans in our house.

There are a variety of sizes in the packet and they’re all dried out so you don’t have to handle any slippery scales. They’re not particularly smelly either, which is always a bonus!

I was surprised just how chewy the treats were. Woody took his time munching through each piece. He enjoyed gripping them between his paws before ripping and chewing them with his teeth. It’s safe to say they kept him busy! They also didn’t collect too much sand when Woody dropped them on the floor, something we struggle with more often than not in Cornwall! Woody would happily leave them on the beach and return to them when he next felt peckish.

I can’t wait to use them at beach barbecues this summer, as they’d be perfect for keeping Woody occupied. I may even be able to eat a whole burger, without having to share it with him!

The Reel Fishskins are great on the go, with a resealable packet that fits nicely into a coat pocket or our dog walking bag. They’re fairly robust too, which is ideal when out adventuring around Cornwall. There’s nothing worse than finding crumbled up treats at the bottom of your bag after a day at the beach!

It’s a paws up from Woody and a sigh of relief from me! I can finally enjoy a walk by the sea with peace of mind and without Woody bringing half the marine life home with us. We’re excited to add another packet with our next Guru order!

Hattie & Woody x


Explore the beautiful sights of Cornwall with this awesome pooch through their Instagram @thecornishdog, their blog The Cornish Dog or their twitter @thecornishdog

Cockapoo Henry loves his Guru

Hi my name is Henry, I’m a Cockapoo and I’m 6 months old.

I have grown so much from when my hoomans started feeding me Guru Cold Pressed food. I’m now 10kg and make the hoomans hold me when I’m weighed, as I’m not keen on standing on the scales!

I love Guru and often eat it mushed up with water, as it slows me down from eating it so quickly.

I am a growing boy and enjoy charging around whenever I can, either in the garden or house, it doesn’t matter! I also have part of my allowance as treats (that’s if I’m good of course and do what I am asked) and I love eating treats, so I do try to be good.

I’m still a little puppy although I’m growing well, my coat looks great and feels so silky. I’m brushed once a day at least, so as you can see, I’m really pampered. My red curls (although I get told that I’m ginger) look so soft and conditioned, everyone likes to touch me and I love the attention. I think that my hoomans are also happy with my poop, as they are firm and easy to scoop. I’m a bundle of fun and full of energy but slightly calmer with the change in food to Guru (even though I am a bit of a lazy Cockapoo first thing in the morning).

Guru is also great when they take me out to different places (I go to the local pub and to many parks) as I can enjoy a Guru picnic lunch on-the-go.

My owners love the fact that Cold Pressed food has all the nutrients I need for a growing boy and they weigh me to ensure that I get the right amount. They use the Guru puppy calculator which helps with portion control and makes it so easy.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoy Guru as much as I do!

Geekster Henry xox

Charlie & Boo – Fun Feeding

I have two dogs that love Guru: Charlie, a 4 year old collie cross whippet, and Boo a 3 year old collie cross staffy.

They are both rescues from Greyhound Gap rescue – Boo isn’t nearly a greyhound but they took her in anyway. I have had Charlie for nearly 2 years and Boo only 5 weeks! They are both very clever dogs and I need to make sure they have enough to do!

I like Guru dog food because it hasn’t got a long ingredients list full of things I’ve never heard of. Charlie is reactive and prone to skin irritation, and Guru keeps him on an even keel with healthy skin. Boo has put on weight and muscle in the right places. Even better – it’s tasty enough that I can use it as training treats!

The above photo is how we have their evening meal. I hand feed them one bit of Guru at a time and they take turns. It’s a lovely, relaxing bonding exercise for all of us.

I also like to use bits of Guru in various puzzles – wrapping a little bit in old tea towels then placing them in a carboard box is one of their favourite ways to eat it, because they get to use their nose and brains for it!

I often put up ideas, etc. on the facebook page for my small dog training company-

Thanks for reading!

Laura, Charlie & Boo x 


P.S. If you’re in the Warwickshire area, don’t forget to check out Laura’s dog training company: Pawfully Clever

Cockers in the Country

As a veterinary nurse and diligent ‘dog mum’ I feel it is my responsibility to make sure Isla, Jelli & Bracken are all fed the healthiest, most nutritious food possible. I completed a Small Animal Nutrition Certificate after qualifying as a veterinary nurse so I knew what I should be feeding and why – the problem was finding the right food!

Rewind several years and we have tried numerous foods, not one had the desired effect for the dogs. They lost coat condition or lost weight. Had a noticeable increase in excretions (yup, I mean poop!) or just didn’t want to eat it.

We tried expensive, super premium foods but found these had a tendency to make the dogs put on weight but lack coat condition, cheaper foods just made them poo more. Raw food was always going to be the best option, however that is not without certain risks and complications which I was not prepared to take – such as salmonella and pretty much needing a designated dog food freezer!

Now fast forward to June 2017! The pitter patter of tiny paws graced the household and we had 4 extra mouths to feed! Fast forward a further 10 weeks and due to some unforeseen circumstances it became apparent that one of these bundles was going to be staying put! Welcome to the family Jelli!!

As a super active working cocker spaniel with no fear or trepidation I knew I had to find a food that would support Jelli during the critical growth stages and one she actually liked – we tried several foods that she would turn her nose up at and then found Guru – since that point we have never looked back!

All three dogs are now fed Guru and I can honestly say that Guru is the best food for our spaniels (and no, i’m not being paid to say this either)!!

Jelli has reached a year old now and adores her food, the bowl is always licked clean, she has a fabulous coat and body condition and totally thrives on it. Isla and Bracken are also doing amazingly well on it. At the age of 8 Isla looks and acts like a puppy which I truly believe is down to being fed a great diet – Bracken on the other hand has always been a very lean dog and can sometimes look a bit ‘ribby’. Feeding more of his previous food just resulted in him being sick or bloating and then having a very upset tummy. Since changing him to Guru he is fitter, has put on more muscle and weight and his coat condition has improved massively! It’s great that it will feed all the dogs regardless of their age too!

So what makes Guru so great? Its cold pressed for a start which means it hasn’t been cooked at really high temperatures which destroys a lot of nutrients in foods. It also means it doesn’t need to be coated in fats and preservatives to make it taste nice! The pellets don’t swell up either like other kibbles do – this can lead to bloat and other very serious conditions in dogs – especially large or deep chested breeds – which can be fatal.

It contains natural ingredients including beef, sea fish, sweet potato and green lipped mussels. The food is pressed into a pellet form which is perfect for adding warm water and re-hydrating into a porridge  – perfect for weaning puppies or for the golden oldies who need something a bit softer! Guru comes in two flavours as well! Full on Feast (think roast dinner for dogs) and Surf and Turf (our favourite) which is a blend of beef and fish!

There are no additives, E numbers, artificial flavours or nasties hiding in the Guru food and this is extended to their treats too! Isla inspects each nag to make sure there are no little bits hiding!

(Gosh – it really does just keep getting better doesn’t it!)

So what to treat the dog who will only eat the finest of foods? Venison Sausages perhaps, or maybe Reel Fish Skins (these are new and super yummy!) We use the Venison sausages (contain sweet potato & apple too) for our agility and obedience training. Both the cockers will work their socks off for these as they are soooo tasty!

The Reel Fish Skins are a new addition to the Guru Family and are a ‘reel’ winner (see what I did there!) with all the dogs – a little crunchy they are super for dental health but can be soaked for a slightly softer treat! They come in a resealable packet too so great for keeping in the car for a treat or in your bag with no worries of people getting a meaty or fishy whiff!

Finally (yes I know i’m going on but it is a FURbulous food) for those nights away or long road trips it can be a bit of a faff to measure out and pack dog food! Introducing the Trip Bones! These can be a longer lasting treat or a meal substitute – still full of the same health benefits and absence of additives & nonsense but a chicken flavour instead of the normal Guru flavours!

So in conclusion (yes i’m finished now) I cannot rate Guru highly enough – it has transformed our dogs and I recommend it to friends, clients and anyone else who stands still long enough to talk about the dogs! We love being part of the Geekstar Crew and have our paws crossed we may get to be official Geekstars soon! Both Jelli and Isla would LOVE a Guru bandana to wear with pride and continue to spread the Guru Love!

Check out their website and change the way you feed your dog today (plus add some treats into the basket cause they are super Paw-some and your dog will love them!) Plus it’s usually next day delivery!

Cockers in the Country xx

(This blog is based entirely on my own experience with Guru, we have received no monetary or product incentive from Guru in return for this article)

Are Guru’s ‘Reel’ Fishskins Loveable?

As you may know, we are Guru Pet Food’s ‘Loveable GeekSTARS’.

We took on their latest taste test to try out their brand new ‘Nothing to Hide – REEL Fishskins’ and its safe to say we were not disappointed!

We are huge fans of fishy treats, so you can imagine how crazy our nostrils went as soon as mum opened our first packet of 100% white fish skins. These dried squares are perfect as a daily treat, we like to have one each before bed time.

Watch us enjoying our tasty fish skins here…The Boxer Diaries – Guru Reel Fishskins Taste Test

What makes these treats extra special?

Well apart from their fresh tasting fishy goodness, they are hypoallergenic, gluten/ grain/ soya free and act as a natural dental aid! One thing we really did notice, is just how shiny our coats were. Ruby has always had a very shiny coat but Martha has a thicker coat which didn’t have that ‘reel’ shine before she started eating fish.

These treats have now become part of our daily feeding routine. They are so tasty that Martha likes to attempt to eat them in one go! So that she enjoys it for longer, we cut it in half and soften them slightly in water so that they are easier to chew.

Ruby loves the crunch and savours them which is great for her teeth!

After our trip to DogFest Bristol with Guru, we bought another pack alongside their Venison Sausages. If you’d like to try some of Guru’s 100% natural and healthy fish skins, get your paws on some HERE and let us know what you think!

Ruby & Martha xx


See more of this absolutely LOVEable duo over on their Instagram HERE

Oscarooni the Geeksterooni

A few months back, Oscar was a very grumpy boy who went off eating his food.  After hearing some recommendations about Guru, we decided to jump ship and haven’t looked back since!

There is never a crumb left in Oscars bowl and Guru leaves him with a big smile on his face – just look at the picture below!

The only trouble is, when we run out… Oscar has to investigate this for himself and get every last piece out of the bag.

Since using Guru, his coat is definitely looking and feeling a lot better.  He is a Cockapoo so has difficult hair at the best of times, but we’ve noticed his coat is a lot glossier looking and softer too!  In regards to his temperament, he is a LOT calmer than he was before he was on Guru.  Don’t get me wrong, he still loves to play and go on his walks, but it’s really calmed him down in the house when approaching bed time – so thank you Guru for that!!

After his feeds, Oscar loves nothing more than a great big nap – sometimes even on the pub table! We wonder if the doggy beer has anything to do with that…?

Thanks for reading,

Rachel, Matt & Oscarooni xxx

Hunter & Maple… For ‘Reel’

Being a Guru GeekSTAR we got ‘reely’ excited to taste test the new Nothing To Hide – ‘Reel’ Fishskins.

Coming from a keen fishing family Hunter and Maple do love a fresh fishy treat when they can get their paws on them, but having these new naturally air-dried fish skins are a great way of keeping the fishy treats for longer and they have a great crunch!

The fish skins, like all the other products from Guru have ‘NOTHING TO HIDE’. They are packed with Omega 3 in each fishy square, which can aid brain development, help maintain a healthy heart and joints. They also keep your dog’s coat in optimum condition and we all know Hunter loves his coat looking shiny.

They are hypoallergenic, no grain, no gluten, no soya & a natural dental aid.

Hunter & Maple loved there first few bites and Maple snook into the packet to grab another! These are going to be a new firm favourite for them both.

With a great new colour adding to their packet range it was definitely an eye catcher over on the guru stand at DogFest this month…. be sure to catch yourself a packet or two, yum!

Amy & her adorablecockers xx

Sail on over to their outdoor adventures on Instagram here 

Geekster Muttley

Introducing Magnificent Muttley, not biased, but he is an ‘above average’ Hungarian Wired Haired Vizsla. Not only is he above average in height and weight for his breed (he’s nearly 5 years old and 42kg) he is also above average in his fussy ways, his tummy sensitivity and level of nervousness to change.

Growing up getting him to eat was a constant battle, he doesn’t eat raw meat, preferring his meat cooked and biscuits. He would eat more if they were soaked, but bored within a couple of days he was not food motivated, so covering anything in treats was futile and anything new he would only eat if his spaniel brother ate it first.  We tried several premium brands, within a couple of days it was the same story.

That was until we met the GURU team at Blenheim Palace.  The friendly team took time to explain the simple ingredients.  All this from a UK company that was synchronised with our own approach to healthy eating.  They explained the cold pressed process and how much easier it would be to soak the biscuits into a porridge for our fussy boy.  We also loved the idea that Muttley may not need to eat such a quantity (maybe as much as 33% less) to keep muscle on his 40kg+ frame.  Armed with a fair few packets of the samples, we headed home from the show with great hope.

We have never looked back and remember that day with much affection. Muttley was transformed!  He ate the first couple of sample packets that evening without soaking, and the following morning he got up from his bed to look for his breakfast.  We ordered a large bag of Full on Feast the day after.  Over the coming weeks we started to notice changes:

  • Big things like we could feed our dog like a dog, bowl put down food is eaten!
  • Smaller sensitive things like his poo was firm and not so smelly.  In fact this is a massive thing if you understand the issues of picking up after a large dog!
  • Beautiful things, he has a double wired coat, but it has got thicker and stronger.
  • Easy things, ordering the food direct on online, the Guru team give fast and constant updates until the food arrives in a couple of days.
  • Money saving things, we were not throwing out food or buying supplements.
  • Unexpected things, Muttley seemed to get calmer and grow in confidence, happy at meal times and much more positive to train and have fun in the field.

Thank you Guru for working magic on our Muttley, my fussy eater is transformed!


Janet & Geekster Muttley xx

Geekstars of Dog Fest

Hey furiends, it’s the Guru Geeks here!

We’d like to take this time to thank you all for visiting GURUWOOD at Dog Fest this year. We met friends old and new; had a blast and lots of laughs too!

For those of you in #TeamSouth, we were sad to miss our cuddles… however we believe it was for the best, as here at Guru we want the best for all dogs and your safety needs to be put 1st xx

So, incase you missed it our LOVEable GeekSTARs Ruby & Martha are going to talk you through the world of GURUWOOD… Enjoy!

We were greeted by the very excitable Geek Squad at Guru Pet Food!

Ruby and Martha lapped up the attention, leaving their stand a little slobbery!

As Guru’s LOVEable GeekSTARS, we couldn’t resist taking some photos in front of their ‘Guruwood’ backdrop.

Their display is always fantastic! The bright yellow is easily spotted across the field! Our faces were even on their GURUWOOD wall of fame!

We of course couldn’t leave their stand empty handed, so we picked up some treat cupboard essentials; Trip BonesVenison Sausages and their new REEL Fishskins.

At the stand we also met Snap the Doodle, Woody and Wilma (The Cotswold Spaniels), Layla The White Boxer Dog, Beau The Boxer and Butty The Pug.

Check out how much fun we had below:

We had such a wonderful time and loved our Geekster kisses xx

If you want to keep up with our loveable GeekSTARs, follow @boxerdogdiaries on Instagram.

Bye for now Geeksters xox

Woody rides the Guru wave

Woody has been driving me bonkers for months, refusing to eat anything at mealtimes. After trying all the pet food diet tips for feeding fussy eaters I could find, I was just about to lose all hope. That is, until I discovered the world of cold pressed dog food and our friends (or should I say saviours) at Guru*!

When I adopted Woody in September 2017, he had been fed solely on Chappie wet food. I was keen to get Woody onto kibble as soon as I could. It’s often more cost effective and easier to store.  For the first few weeks we experimented with different pet food brands, mostly whichever was on offer in the supermarket at the time, before finally settling for Wainwright’s Salmon and Potato. All was well and dandy for a few months, until one day just after the New Year, Woody turned his nose up completely.

It’s like he went on hunger strike. Outright refusing to eat at meal times. We ruled out medical issues early on and were left completely perplexed. At the time I dog walked professionally, which only added to the worry. With Woody walking up to 3 hours a day (and we all know spaniels don’t walk, they run!) it was only a matter of time before he’d start wasting away!

Just as I was about to lose all hope, we were kindly sent a selection of Guru’s pet products to try. We’d been speaking to them on #woofwoofwednesday for weeks and the team at Guru HQ were super helpful, offering us feeding advice whenever they could on how we could look to changing Woody’s dog food and improve his diet.

Being a Cornish dog, who loves a good walk at the beach, it was quite fitting to try Guru’s Surf & Turf cold pressed food. We were sent the 5kg bag but you can purchase them in 14kg sizes too. Something we’ll definitely be doing when we run out! When changing your dog’s food, you’re advised to do it gradually, over a period of weeks. However, with Woody refusing to eat his kibble, I took the gamble and swapped to Guru immediately.

Woody was tentative at first, a little unsure about the sudden change. The first night he didn’t eat, though this is most likely because he was full from the Trip Bone he’d been munching during the day! The bones come in two sizes and are a tasty meal for your pet on the go. They’re perfect for when you’re out for dinner in the evening or having a barbeque at the beach!

At that time Woody was accustomed to eating wet food in the mornings. With the magic of Guru’s cold pressed food, I was able to mix the pellets with warm water to create a softer meal. Woody wolfed it down in no time, result! He continued to eat his Surf & Turf food from thereon in, making mealtimes far more enjoyable for both of us.

The cold pressed dog food was a success and so were Guru’s tasty treats too! Particularly the Nothing to Hide Venison Sausages. They’re the perfect size to take on a walk, fitting nicely into my coat pocket. I also used them for training photoshoots too. It’s safe to say, they didn’t last long and Woody definitely went over the recommended daily allowance of 5 treats, oops!

It’s a paws up from us! At the time of writing this post, Woody’s just finished the last crumbs of his new favourite food. We’ll definitely be heading over to Guru’s online shop to purchase more. Their website is easy to navigate and their handy springer spanial feeding guide helps you calculate the right amount to feed your dog. They have an amazing online community too, with Guru Geeksters up and down the country!

*Guru kindly sent us these products in exchange for an honest review. As you can see by the photos, they’ve been a tremendous hit with Woody so far! We’ll keep you updated on the fussy eating front, though we’ve got our paws crossed that we’re onto a winner.

Head over to see Woody’s seaside adventures @TheCornishDog

Guru’s biggest Dog Fest loser

Here at Guru, we’ve had a few Biggest losers… however, this year at Dog Fest North we bumped into gorgeous Geekster Harvey the cavalier king charles spaniel and his hoomum.

We love to hear how our Geeksters are getting on with Guru and Harvey’s story is inspiring!

If you’ve got a minute or two to spare, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read all about our 2018 Dog Fest biggest loser… Harvey xx

I just want to say a huge thank you to you all at Guru. You really have changed my pooches life.

This time last year (2017) Harvey was more than a little overweight weighing just over 18kgs!!!
He was struggling with his weight and this caused him to pant heavily all year round, he really struggled in the summer months as he just couldn’t keep cool and wanted to enjoy his walks but I could tell it was exhausting for him.

So… I visited Guru’s stand at Dogfest North and they were so friendly and helpful. Within a month or so after Dog Fest, I ordered Harvey’s first bag of Guru and he LOVED it.

Now I know he was overweight but he had always been a bit fussy about his food, never really seemed interested or bothered that he had any in his bowl. Well this certainly changed when we swapped to Guru. As soon as he knows it’s coming up to dinner time he jumps in his bed and waits, impatiently, and the drool starts, no matter what I do it’s just not in his bowl quick enough. By the time I’ve sat down with my own dinner he has licked his bowl clean!!

Harvey still has a little way to go but he is doing so well, and his weight is down to almost 14kgs!!! He is loving life and we both are loving Guru. 

The pictures speak for themselves, the top left picture below is from Dog Fest last year and the bottom left picture below is from January this year, he loved the snow and never stopped running because he wasn’t out of breath. The bottom right picture is from Dog Fest this year where we bought some more venison sausages and the new fish skins and well… you can see the difference from last year. 

So once again thank you so much from Harvey and me xx

Kubo Facebook

What do you feed your dog?’ is a question everyone seemed to ask us from other dog owners to our vet, family members and friends. Everyone also had their own opinion on the matter! ‘You need to feed him a raw food diet’ one said; ‘He should be on leftovers’; ‘You must feed him grain-free’; ‘You need to feed him xyz brand’. There were just so many choices and it felt like there was a lot of pressure to do the right thing. I believe that there is no set solution, one size does not fit all, both for humans and animals – you should do what is best for your individual dog.

Being ever the bargain hunter, when Kubo came to live with us I looked for sample and trial food packs. I even wrote to companies that we were interested in and asked them if we could try their food so we could establish what food we liked best but also which he preferred.

We were advised on several large brands by our vet and to always go with a food which has a calorie content on the bag. I feed the cats Royal Canin so naturally I thought we would feed the dog the same: it is recommended by vets and I have always got on well with it however, Dave (having too much time on his hands, I think!) became involved in researching different types of food.

A younger Kubo

Like every puppy, Kubo was hyperactive and Dave had read somewhere that a high carbohydrate diet can cause excess energy. Apparently high protein content is better so he started researching these and we ended up trying a cold pressed food. Kubo took to it really well and his stools became less frequent. He seemed happy with the change and enjoyed his dinner even more. Whether it was the food or just time passing, his energy levels did seem to settle somewhat also.

I had no idea what cold pressed food was though! I hadn’t even heard of it before. A bit of reading later, I discovered that cold pressing is a relatively recent new method of creating dog food; ingredients are ground, mixed together and then pressed at a low temperature. This keeps more of the essential nutrients resulting in a more ‘natural’ product. Nutrients are also released slower, dissolving from the outside, which can help to avoid bloating.

We were feeding him Orijen which we were getting on well with until December’s Barky Box delivery. I wrote a blog post about it here: I have never seen Kubo so intent to get into the box and it was all for a Trip Bone by the dog food company Guru. He is very food orientated normally but to be this interested in something must mean it was amazing!

I instantly fell in love with Guru, their people and ethos after reading their website. The next food delivery was 2 big bags of their Surf & Turf food, not to mention some more Trip Bones and tasty Venison Sausages. Apparently, according to Kubo, the Venison Sausages are the absolute best treat ever. I am surprised by some of the ingredients some companies put in food and treats but I am happy in the knowledge that these sausages have the best ingredients in them and Kubo will listen to us more than he ever had for even one of these!

Well this smells good, mum!

His love of Trip Bones had not waned either! He loves them just as much as the first one he gobbled and will try to sneak into the cupboard to pinch one if we let our guard down! They’re a brilliant treat for him and they do keep him quiet for 10 minutes or so.

But what about the food? Well, according to the feeding instruction, Kubo needed less than he would have had of other kinds of dry food and he seemed slightly unimpressed by this. Not that this made him hesitate – he wolfed down his first bowl straightaway! I am convinced that his stomach was full for longer though and despite having less food, he had definitely had enough. I gave him a choice of foods for his next meal, his nose went straight into the Guru bowl! Proof is in the pudding there!

Kubo’s first Trip bone

At the end of the day, the food we buy will be what is best for, and preferred by our dog but I will always have a soft spot for start-up companies, specifically UK-based ones! I think connecting with a company is important and I also highly value great customer service, good interaction with customers, and values that I can associate with – all of this I have found in Guru.

Honestly, I like the convenience of healthy dry dog food – it doesn’t smell like wet food does, it is not messy and it doesn’t take lots of preparation like raw food – but there was always a worry that dry food wouldn’t be the best thing for our dog so I was willing to explore options. Switching to cold pressed food though has been a positive experience for us; Kubo’s stools have smelt less and are better formed (win for the humans as the picker-uppers!) Doggy breath has also been much better and his energy really is more focused – it is not so ‘mad’! I like that we can feed him less whilst knowing that he is still getting the right amount of food so we do save a bit of money … this does just mean he ends up having more spent on treats and toys though! Despite all of the positives that I can think of with cold pressed food, my number one favorite thing is how much Kubo loves it. More important than anything is the happiness, welfare and wagging tail of our dog. Guru has ticked all of the boxes – we are absolutely proud to now be ‘Geeksters’!

Arianna & Kubo xx

Check out more of kubo and his adventures on:
Instagram – @kubo_bordercollie
Blog – Good boy Kubo

Geekster Family

Introducing my Geeksters; Frankie, Flower, Betty & Bear.

Frankie is such a sensitive soul, both tummy and skin wise. His ears were red raw and dreadfully scabby; NOTHING seemed to agree with him and I was on the cusp of expensive allergy research with our vet. I’d tried everything they had recommended and I’d searched & searched extruded kibbles for something suitable, but then I came across ‘cold pressed’…. and something called GURU. It LOOKED good, but what did the reviews say?

Despite great reviews, I didn’t hold much hope. But Frankie & Flo didn’t seem to be enjoying what I was currently feeding, and the puppies were about to start weaning… I wanted to give them the best start I could and I needed to make a decision. I went straight for a big bag – a sample pack wouldn’t last long with four hungry beasts and I figured someone’s dog would eat it if mine didn’t.

I was so impressed with Guru dog food. With FOUR hungry Frenchie’s; ranging from 6 weeks to almost 2 years, I loved the fact that literally, ‘one size fits all’.  I don’t have to faff about with puppy food, normal food and sensitive food.

My puppies are doing so well on it – not one upset tummy episode. Frankie’s ears are beautiful and pink again. Guru has cleared everything up in just a few weeks!

No need for that expensive allergy testing now and I’m more than happy to pay that little bit extra for the results I’m seeing. My bitch has always struggled with her weight, (don’t we all!!), but she’s coming down beautifully now after having the babies.

I’m super impressed with Guru and I’m recommending it to EVERYONE. Even my cats love it!! ❤️💕

Ila taste tests Guru’s ‘Reel’ Fishskins

As Guru Pet Food’s Dynamic GeekSTAR, Ila has been asked to taste test their brand new treats – Nothing To Hide ‘Reel’ Fishskins. Living up to Guru’s reputation, these treats have ‘Nothing To Hide’ and are made using quality ingredients with no unhealthy additives; they are made of 100% White Fish Skins from sustainable sources.

Fish Dog Food Treats

Being made purely from fish skin, they are hypoallergenic with no grain, no gluten and no soya. They are naturally air-dried which locks in all the goodness contained in the fish skin; such as Omega 3 – known to help with brain function, lower the risk of heart disease and reduce inflammation of the joints on most puppies and dogs. Not only this, but the crunchiness will also aid keeping your dog’s teeth clean. They come in squares of varying size and have a crunchy-chewy, texture.

Ila’s verdict: she LOVED them! In fact, she could not get enough of them (as with any of the Guru Pet Food range). Now it takes one sniff of the open packet and she dances around offering every trick in the book to get her paws on a bite. We followed the guide put together by the team at Guru around changing your dog food and treats to ensure she had a perfect diet throughout

If you want to get your hands (or paws) on a pack of ‘Reel’ Fishskins, you can buy them on the Guru stand at any of the Dog Fest events. I’m sure they will be in popular demand though, so make sure to visit! You can also get your paws on some HERE 

We will be at Dog Fest West on Sunday 24th June with the Guru team, we hope to see some of you there!

Lots of Love,
Georgina & Ila x

Hudson’s Story

Last spring we welcomed a puppy into our family, he was so small and very playful. Bentley, our Working Cocker Spaniel wasn’t happy at first, having to share everything with a new puppy after 8 years of him being the center of attention! But he slowly accepted him and now they love to be together and they even sleep in the same bed!

For the first few months Hudson, our English Pointer puppy, had lots of energy and he was growing every day. When he reached 8 months he was almost double the height of Bentley but he was also quite skinny. Although English Pointers are quite a lean breed (similar to whippets), they have a short coat and a big rib cage Hudson was becoming underweight (he weighed 19kg). We fed him large portions of food 3 times a day but he wasn’t gaining weight at all. We took him to the vets and they said he was healthy but he was slightly underweight. We tried about 6 different brands of dry food but none of them seemed right for him and after a lot of research, I came across Guru Pet Food.

They are very highly rated and use a unique method to make their food called Cold Pressing. This is where the food is mixed and then pressed at very low temperatures which preserves the nutrients and makes the food much easier for your dog to digest. I ordered a bag straight away and as soon as it arrived I weighed out a portion for Hudson, not only was Guru cheaper than the food I was buying before but as the food is so high in nutrients Hudson only needed 250g per day unlike his other food where he was having over 300g per day! Hudson loved his first bowl of Guru and we have never looked back!

I have been feeding Hudson and Bentley Guru for the last 2 months and not only do they both adore it, their skin and coat has improved and they have lots more energy too. Hudson also now has 2 meals of Guru a day instead of 3 as he was having with his previous food and now weighs just over 24kgs.

Thank you Guru!

Annabelle, Bentley & Hudson xx

The Guru guide to changing dog food

Would you like to change your dogs’ food? Is this something you should do? If so, where do you start?

If you find yourself asking similar questions, then this is the blog for you!

Changing your dogs’ food isn’t always a necessity, however circumstances sometimes mean you need to find a new food that suits both you and your dog.

So let’s start from the beginning. There are specific foods available just for pups, but is this always necessary? Many breeders have weaned their litters onto Guru. The pups thrived through their first months of life and onwards as they grew into adolescents and onto fully grown adults.

Guru is a healthy cold pressed dog food, it’s suitable for all breeds of all ages, meaning it’s super simple to feed, as Geeksters don’t have to change dog food throughout their life stages. The only thing that differs is the amount you feed, as puppies require more food during their early development and gradually require less as they become adults. We have two handy calculators on the feeding guide page of our website to help you work out exactly how much your furiend needs to eat. You just pop their weight in and it’ll tell you how much to feed: Go to Calculators

There may be times when changing your dog’s food is a necessity…

Some brands of regular dog food require you to change because of your dogs age, condition or breed. It can get quite confusing, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to know which food is the best for you and your furiend.

You may also find that you have to change your dog’s food if your dog becomes ill. Perhaps they’ve developed an allergy to an ingredient in the food, or maybe they’ve just become super fussy and refuse to eat? This may lead you to try a different brand of dog food and if this is the case (and you’re not already) you might just become Cold Pressed Obsessed! We’ve had so many fussy eaters who have transitioned onto Guru and they love it!

Don’t take our word for it, check out some of the blogs on our Buzz page as we have Geeksters young and old; big and small; short and long, all thriving on Guru!

Feel free to give the Geeks a call for a chat about our super tasty varieties.

You’ve decided to make the leap and change your dog’s diet, but you find yourself asking… how do I introduce a new dog food?

Well do not fear, the Geeks are here! You might just be looking to switch dog food brands. Maybe you’re just changing a dog food within the same brand or need advice about switching foods for either a puppy or adult dog. Whatever the case may be, we’re going to do our best to cover any questions you may have.

Are you ready? Let the eating commence… (oops sorry, we mean reading)

Introducing a new dog food requires a transitioning process. This is a period of time where you’ll gradually reduce the amount of old food, whilst simultaneously increasing the amount of new food.

If you decide to change dog food, it’s important not to transition too quickly, however each dog is unique and therefore transitioning time periods can differ. Also, it depends on the difference between the food your dog was previously on to the one you’re wanting to switch them onto.

It can seem complicated, but don’t panic! We’re about to break it all down for you and make it as simple as we can. So, if you’re looking to change dog food, keep reading and find the sections that are relevant to you and your furiend…

Tips on Changing Dog Food

  • How to switch Dog food brands

How to change dog food brands really starts with finding a dog food company you’re happy with. Here at Guru we want the best for all dog’s and welcome new Geeksters with open arms and paws!

If you’ve made your decision about what new brand of dog food you’d like to change to, you now need to see if and how the type of food may differ from your previous food. This means, even though you’re changing dog food brands, are you sticking with the same type of food, for example are you changing from a regular dried kibble to a regular dried kibble? Or maybe you want to change to a different type of dog food, like Cold Pressed, as well as changing the brand. Or a wet dog food to a raw diet?

There are so many options out there, you’ll need to make sure you’re choosing the right brand and type of dog food for you.

If the type of food is the same (e.g. Cold Pressed to Cold Pressed) it’s easy peasy! Your dog will already be used to the Cold pressed diet and is just simply trying a different recipe.

On the other hand, if your dog is changing between different types of food (e.g. Kibble to Cold Pressed or wet to kibble) we would recommend a gradual transition. Just start with 25% of their new food and 75% of their current food. As long as their stools are formed you can gradually increase the amount of new food and decrease the old food until you’re on 100% of their new diet, yay! Just remember that wet food can contain about 70% moisture (water) so the calculation between wet and dry is a little different.

Oh, just for your info… Guru Cold Pressed can be fed alongside a raw diet, as they break down the same in the stomach (we know, awesome right?) so you can go straight for 50/50!

  • Changing dog food within the same brand

Changing food within a brand can be super simple, as long as the food is made using the same technique or process.

For example, many of you may be feeding Guru Cold pressed dog food, but you’re thinking about switching your dog’s meals up and having a change of flavour. At the moment, we have two recipes… Surf & Turf (Beef, Sea fish & Vegetables) and our Grain Free Full on Feast (Duck, Sea fish & Vegetables). If you’re going to switch between recipes, this won’t be an issue and your dog should be fine without a transition period.

Now, if you feed a brand of dog food that sells different types of food, then a transitioning process would be needed. You can always check out how we recommend to transition on our ‘How To Switch’ section on the Feeding Guide Page HERE.

  • I have a pregnant/lactating bitch, do I need to change her dog food?

First of all, congratulations! It’s such an exciting time… we just adore puppies! Well, who doesn’t?

Something that’s super important for pregnant bitches is their nutrition, in order to ensure good health and growth of the newborn pups. This is another reason why Guru is so great. Expectant mums can be fed Guru during their pregnancy and her puppies can be weaned straight onto our Cold Pressed food as it’s suitable for all ages and all breeds throughout their life stages. We recommend using our puppy calculator to work out the correct amount of Guru to feed from around the third/fourth week of pregnancy. You may need to feed her little and often, as the pups take up more room! She’ll still need more food throughout lactation, so keep using the puppy calculator until around the fifth to eighth week of lactation. You can also start to wean the pups onto Guru at this time… Woohoo – mini Geeksters! xx

Pups can eat Guru dry straight from the bag, but you can also mix Guru with water. There’s a video showing you how to do this on the Feeding Guide page of our website, check it out HERE.

Again, if you have any questions, you can always call the Geeks in the office.

  • Can changing dog food cause problems or side effects?

Many people wonder if changing their dog’s food is going to cause their furiend any issues?

1. Does changing dog food cause shedding?

Every dog is different, but if your dog moves onto another food too quickly, they may shed some fur. To avoid this just take your time and transition gradually over a week or two. If you’re transitioning onto Guru, you should notice a big difference in the health of your dog’s skin and coat. This is because we add Cold Pressed oils to our recipes, which helps Geeksters get the Guru Glow!

2. Can changing dog food cause vomiting?

Switching between foods too quickly can cause vomiting. Make sure you take it easy when transitioning, as this will help to avoid problems such as this. However, vomiting may not always be due to the fact you haven’t transitioned properly… it could be caused by other factors, so we would always recommend consulting a vet.

3. Will changing dog food cause diarrhoea?

Poo… something us dog lovers find ourselves talking about all the time, haha!

We’ve had many dog’s transition onto Guru because their dog’s been suffering from loose stools and/or diarrhoea. Our Geeksters tell us they’ve actually seen a huge improvement in the firmness of their dogs stools in a very short space of time.

Sometimes, you may notice loose stools when you begin transitioning from one diet to another. This can be due to the fact their new diet is richer than the one they’re used to, or they may have a particularly sensitive stomach. In this case, we’d recommend to take your time transitioning and if needs be, take a step back. Don’t forget, every dog is different.

For all those sensitive tums out there, both of our GURUlicious recipes are hypoallergenic!

4. Can changing dog food cause skin irritation?

Skin irritation is the main reason a lot of people think about changing their dog’s diet. The Cold Pressed Oils in Guru can help to keep your dogs skin and coat healthy and most importantly, very happy!

There are many factors that can cause skin irritation, but changing your dog’s diet isn’t usually one of them, unless they have a specific allergy to something in the food. If you notice skin irritation you may want to visit your vet.

5. Can changing dog food change behaviour?

Dog food can affect your dog’s behaviour, a bit like us humans… if we have lots of sugary sweets and soft drinks (although they’re super tasty) we can become hyper!

This is why we find ourselves wanting to know exactly what goes into our furiends food.

We’ve had many people contact us after transitioning onto Guru, saying they’ve seen a huge improvement in their dog’s behaviour. Many have seen their dogs become calmer, as we don’t have any nasty additives in our food. Also, some senior dog’s pawrents have thanked us as they’ve seen a positive improvement in their dogs behaviour and a new found energy.

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Changing Dog Food Information

We hope this blog has helped to clear up a few questions you may have had about changing dog food. If you’re thinking about switching to Guru and joining our Geekster squad, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,

The Guru Geeks xox


Queen Tobie – an “oldie” but goodie!

Where to start….

Queen Tobie here! I am what some people might call an “oldie”(but goodie), I am a wise girl with a silver fox(ette) face and a touch of arthritis. I am also a very proud Guru GEEK!

Myself and my sister (not wise, not remotely silver… Generally nothing going for her!) have been fed Guru since the summer of 2016, a month before I turned 11 years old.

The humans originally looked into Guru because it is a high quality food with some great herbal supplements, more specifically, Green Lipped Mussel extract – GLM is known to be a great aid for mammals with joint issues (helps strengthen and lubricate joints) – this drew their attention as I had an accident when I was not very wise at all resulting in the arthritis.

My humans never for one minute thought that swapping our food (as they had done plenty of times before) would do anything more than feed us and keep us going. Little did they know just how wrong their views were!

BG(Before Guru) I could go on 20-30minute walks, required plenty of rest & help getting up the stairs and onto the big bed most nights, However; within a week of our transition over to Guru I became more agile & energetic, lost the remainder of my extra pounds and really haven’t looked back since! I am now also fed a few herbal supplements in addition to help me as a I get a little wiser. The combination of all this means that at 12 years old I can now go for 3 hour long hikes one day play fetch for an hour the next day, climb stairs, swim, run, keep my svelte figure & act like a 12month old rather than 12 year old!!

Both myself and my foolish sister are fed Guru and will continue to do so as it is suitable for ALL ages, ALL breeds, ALL sizes! You can be weaned onto Guru as a brand new puppy and be fed the exact same recipe for the rest of your spoilt life with no need to swap and change recipes or brands of food as you age.

We still go absolutely bonkers for our dinner every single day! If we ever get the massive treat of training sessions with Guru as the reward, you should see just how much our eyes pop out of our head, it really does prove just how much we are certainly cold pressed obsessed!!!

So, if you’re thinking of changing your silver pup to a new food, we couldn’t recommend becoming a geek enough!

We owe an awful lot to this little Guru family we’re a part of, and can’t thank them enough for letting me be a puppy all over again (despite how annoying I may be due to this).


Go follow Queen Tobie and her sis, princess Lexi over on Instagram HEREyou won’t regret it!

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Spaniel Bella goes for Guru!

Finding the right food to give your dog is possibly the most important thing about owning one, different dogs will enjoy different things, but making sure that you’re feeding your dog a healthy and nutritious meal is something crucial for their overall health and wellbeing. There are so many popular dog food brands out there that many people put their trust in, without completely looking into the nutrition information, just purely trusting advertisement and popularity. But in reality, these brands are not as nutritious as people may believe, and aren’t actually helping our dogs much at all. Guru Pet Food however, is now a food I can say I trust completely.

Changing Bella’s diet to Guru Pet Food is a decision I wish I had made sooner, we have already noticed significant changes. Bella has always had a very sensitive stomach and even during the transition to Guru, we have found it easier to scoop that poop. We are so delighted that we have discovered something that we can feed without the fear of Bella getting an upset stomach, which is also why we often feed these pieces as treats throughout the day too.

Why is Guru Pet Food different to any other dry food?

Well, the main difference between Guru and regular kibble is that it is cold pressed. Cold pressed food is produced using low temperatures instead of high temperatures which are used in the extrusion process. This means that flavours and nutrients are maintained and our dogs aren’t losing the vitamins they need, as they would with regular kibble.

Another firm favourite of Bella’s is Guru’s venison sausages, they are hypoallergenic, so a delicious treat, even for those pups with allergies or intolerances. The sausages are cut up into smaller pieces, making them the ideal treat for Bella (also a great treat to get her to pose for a photo.)

Another thing we love about Guru are the trip bones, in particular the field trip bones. These are perfect for when you’re out and about, being easy and compact to take around with you. Guru trip bones are also suitable for small and large dogs, coming in two different sizes (also easy to snap them if you don’t want to give them a whole one.)

It feels amazing to finally open up about Bella’s food, as I now know that she is eating something I can trust to give her all the nutrients she will need while developing into an adult. If you are considering changing up your dog’s food, Guru is definitely a food to consider. Thank you so much for reading,

Olivia and Bella xo


Follow Bella’s journey as a spaniel pup through her adorable Instagram HERE and dog blog HERE.