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Which dog is best for a family?

Are you thinking of adding a four-legged family member to your household? If so, good call, as a dog can be a wonderful addition, companion and playmate for your family and if you happen to have children, they can learn so much by helping you care for their pet.

Some breeds are more suited to family life than others, check out our Guru guide to see which may suit yours:

Which is the most laid back family dog to have?

The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is probably one of the most chilled out dogs’ for a family. Labs love everybody and their friendly temperament makes them ideal for families.  They are kind and gentle, but also like to be active, so they’re best suited to families who also enjoy the outdoor life. Labs are also easy to train, which makes them perfect playmates however be careful with little kids feeding them treats because they always want more. Steer clear from feeding at the table to avoid weight gain and consider feeding some healthy treats like Guru Reel Fishskins so either you or the kids can feed them as a reward.

What’s one of the most playful breed of dog for families?

The Cocker Spaniel

There are so many wonderful dogs that love to play, that it was hard to pick just one! However, we’ve gone with the lively cocker spaniel. These happy dogs love to entertain and be entertained and are almost always up for a game. They may be a little energetic for toddlers, but bond beautifully with older children and adults.

Which is the gentlest family dog?

Hungarian Vizsla

There’s so many gentle breed of dogs to mention, however on this occasion we’re going to give the nod to the Hungarian Vizsla. These intelligent and good-looking dogs are kind and gentle and it’s not surprising that they’re becoming popular as therapy pets. They have lovely natures and form a strong bond with their human family. They’re easy to train, which makes them a lot of fun to play with, however they do need plenty of exercise but beware… not all of them are a big fan of the rain so if you want to go out in winter, you could be walking alone!

Which family dog is low maintenance?


If you don’t have much time to spend on grooming your pet, the poodle’s curly coat is perfect. No dog is completely non-shedding and hypoallergenic, but the beautiful poodle is very, very close to this. If anyone in your family has allergies, a poodle is a good choice. Remember there are different types of poodle ranging from the smaller Teacup and Miniature to their larger cousins the Standard which are gentle, kind and also good with kids.

Which types of dog can be left alone during the day?

French Bulldog

So what happens while you’re at work and the kids are at school? Many dogs don’t like being left alone – after all, they are part of your family pack – but some breeds are more content to be left for a few hours a day. The French bulldog is a great combination of family-friendly, fun-loving and independent. Like a cat, they’ll probably just settle down to sleep while you’re out as they do love a nap… Zzzzz

Which breed likes living with young children?

Golden Retrievers

This was probably the most difficult question to answer. We’re sure you’re all shouting out your own breed of family dog right now!

If you’re a first time pet parent, you can’t go far wrong with the golden retriever, as like the Lab they’re popular family pets. They are kind and gentle and a well-socialised, well-trained retriever is a good option for households with younger kids. They adore being with people and form wonderful bonds with their owners. Goldies do shed, so they’re not an ideal choice if anyone has an allergy – and of course, as with all breeds, never leave even the loveliest dog alone with children.

Which dogs are great for country families?

Border Collie

These intelligent working dogs love their human families (although they may try to herd you) and have tons of playful energy. If you live in the country, have lots of open space and want a dog you can really enjoy the great outdoors with, then a Collie might just be the right choice for you.  Collie’s settle well with other pets, whilst at the same time ensure your kids get plenty of exercise. It’s a win win!

And which dogs can you keep in the city?


Like a lot of smaller breed dogs, such as Dachshunds, they’re well suited to living in town.  Dachsies are intelligent, playful and affectionate, although they can be seriously stubborn when the mood takes them. They are also prone to putting on weight, so if they’re kept as apartment dogs it’s really important to watch what they eat. A Guru Pet Food diet ensures they’re getting all the nutrients they need while making sure their little tums feel happily full.

What breeds settle well with other pets?


If you’re thinking of expanding your family with another dog, it’s important to consider which breed will fit in best. Many of the calm and intelligent breeds should (theoretically) be happy with a new addition, even your cat may welcome them! One of the most accommodating dogs is the appealing little pug, who is known to settle happily with families and other pets.


We know that every breed of dog is special and we hope this brief guide helps you choose your family’s perfect companion. As always, we’d love to see photos of your pet(s) in their new home and if you’d like any advice on feeding your new family member, please just drop us a line at Guru.

Thank you for reading!


The Guru Geeks xox

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