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Love Your Pet Day

We love our pets every single day of the year, but it’s nice to take the time occasionally to celebrate them properly. After all, think of all the love and devotion that your dog gives to you, 24/7.

Eat, Play, Love…

We know, we know… those puppy dog eyes staring up at the roast are very hard to resist.
However, if you want your dog to lose weight, those human treats need to be cut right down, or preferably, out.

It’s Boxing Day!

Boxers are enthusiastic and extrovert and absolutely love their life and everything in it.
They are the most exuberant of dogs and are simply the best fun to be around.

What Is Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Ralph with his Hypoallergenic Dog Food

One of the most common signs of an allergic reaction to a food or ingredient is a skin rash, but other symptoms can be itchy paws and ear infections. One of the quickest ways to rule out potential food intolerances is by switching to a hypoallergenic food.

Bordering on Perfect

The border collie is officially the most intelligent dog on the planet.
They love being given tasks, hence their success as sheep and farm dogs and form close bonds with their pet parents.

The Good Shepherd

German Shepherds make loyal and protective pets.
They’re devoted to their human families and are one of the most instantly recognisable dogs. They have intelligent faces and their expressions suggest they understand your every word!

Springer Spaniel Summer

The Springer Spaniel is proof that you don’t have to be excitable to be energetic and fun. This wonderful tolerance is a key part of the Springer character, and is one of the reasons that they’re such popular dogs.


We use frozen Guru as part of our daily routine.
They’re great for warm days but we’ve found them an invaluable way to reward the girls no matter the weather.

The Importance Of A Healthy Diet

If you like the idea of a healthy, home-cooked diet for your dog, but feel anxious about its nutritional value, Guru could be the perfect solution…

Why Chocolate & Dogs don’t make a GURUvy pair

When your furiend looks at you with eyes, well, like chocolate drops, you’ll melt faster than a Mars Bar on a hot day. But – don’t give in and share your snack with them. Here’s what every pet parent needs to know about chocolate poisoning in dogs and what tasty treats you can feed instead.

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