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Lola’s Success Story

Baring in mind Lola has had 2 litters of pups (13 in total), it’s obviously took its toll on her like most of us ladies out there. So cutting a long story short, I was told by the vet that Lola was morbidly obese and if I didn’t change things it would take 5 years off her life.

GeekSTARs – Up close and pawsonal

Roll out the red carpet and get those royal trumpets at the ready, because it’s time to give a HUGE Welcome to our shining new GeekSTARs!
We’re super excited to announce our newest members of #TeamGuru…

Ila the Geekster

We still love to feed Ila on a raw diet, but feed it 50/50 with Guru. This means we don’t spend hours preparing her food, we don’t need to worry about ensuring we include the right nutritional contents (as Guru’s a complete meal) & if we forget to defrost her food she can just have Guru!

Miss Maddie the Geekster

Well where do we begin? The end is certainly a dream come true, so grab a cuppa and we will fill you in. The start of our search was for a healthy food to feed our new addition to the family, our beautiful Miss Maddie.

A Journey to find a Perfect Food

This is Amber the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon Frise. Cavachon for short. Her hobbies include napping, eating, looking for treats and more napping. As you’d imagine this combination has not done her any favours in the weight department.

Why we feed Guru…

Guru is a small independent business, meaning they put love into everything they do. Every customer means so much to them, and they have time to answer questions and help out when they can. Never being just a number or a sale, but buying into the Guru way of life.

Our top walking routes

Here at Guru we absolutely LOVE walking our dogs…
Not only is it beneficial for their health, it’s also beneficial for ours! It also gives us the opportunity to admire the spectacular scenery of the British countryside.


Since being a young puppy, Max has had a sensitive tum. We’d been on the hunt for the perfect nutritious meal that would agree with his stomach for a while. We wanted to ensure his meals would still provide him with plenty of nutritious benefits. This was when we found ‘Guru Pet Food’…

The Best for The Best

The biggest and best result from the change has been in Tobie; with a better result than we could ever have hoped for. She’s gone from a slightly chubby, achey jointed 10 year old, to a svelte, shiny coated, active and food begging 11 yr old, that it’s hard to believe she’s not just years younger!

Cotswolds Cuties

The Cotswolds or ‘wolds’ referred to by the locals is a very special place. From its golden stone to its rolling hills, it’s a fabulous place to explore. With adventures galore, it’s the most perfect place for two gorgeous spaniels to explore…

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