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Raffles has just had a health check and the vet confirmed what we already knew… he’s a happy, healthy pup, the correct weight for his age, his skin, eyes, teeth and coat are all perfect. As for me, I’m nearly 10 years old now and thanks to Guru, my joint problems have disappeared and I’ve lost 3kg, I’m fit and healthy for my age and can run around and play with my little brother.

Cooper Tried and Tested

A dog’s diet is extremely important and Cooper thoroughly enjoys mealtime; he’s been known to bring his bowl over in the manner of Oliver Twist! Cooper eats Guru Pet Food and he’s here with his hoomans to #spreadthelove

Flossie’s Guruvy journey: Pup to Princess!

Have you ever wondered if Guru is the food for your puppy? If it really is ‘The Best For The Best’? We sure want the best we can get, so when deciding to find a sibling for our 2 year old Geekster Spaniel, Maddie, we wanted ‘The Best’ for our new baby girl. This meant Cold Pressed from the start!

GeekSTARs Up Close & Pawsonal

Roll out the red carpet and get those royal trumpets at the ready because it’s time to give a HUGE welcome to our shining new GeekSTARs! We’re super excited to announce our newest members of #TeamGuru

Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Dog Lifestyle

Here at Guru, our furiends mean everything to us and we want to do everything we can to make sure they have a happy, long and healthy life as possible!

A visit to make your dog’s mouths water!

We are really grateful for the special relationship we have with these guys. We really do urge you to check them out, their food has done wonders for the boys and it’s great to support such a wonderful company!

Alfie, Arthur & Deru – The Ginger Geeksters!

Since trying out the duck, fish and vegetable recipe alongside the boy’s current raw diet I would be 100% confident on switching them to this on a permanent basis. I feel like this is a huge statement for me as after feeding raw for a few years now, I’ve always said I would never go back…

Maximus – Geekster Family

Since joining the ‘Geekster Family’ when Maximus was just 5 months old in December 2016, we haven’t looked back. If you aren’t part of the Geekster Family already, why not!?

The Guru Guide to choosing dog food

With so many different types of dog food on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose…

Wonderful Wilson’s Story

I’m very lucky to have got to 4 years old for a number of reasons – my naughtiness being one of them! The main one is 18 months ago I became very ill with something called “immune mediated encephalitis”. The medicines had upset my intestines and also caused a mild pancreatitis.

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