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What Guru has done for Daisy…

Daisy aspirated and developed Aspiration Pneumonia & spent a week hospitalised in an emergency veterinary practice. We almost lost her.
In desperation we turned to a support group for Megaesophagus, who recommended trying Guru.

Get Guru and Get Healthy

We all love a cuddly pet – but we also need to keep them on the healthy side of huggable. An overweight dog may not live as long as their slimmer friends, and certainly won’t enjoy such a healthy and active life. Read our guide to preventing plump pets.

Why We Love Cockapoos

Part Cocker Spaniel and part Poodle, Cockapoos have been charming humans since the cross breed first appeared in the 1950s. Friendly Cockapoos make wonderful pets; and we’ve certainly met some absolutely adorable ones.

Guru = Team GB?

Guru… in the same sentence as ‘Team GB’ we hearing you saying!
Oh yes Geeksters, get yourself comfy and listen up, as we have some super exciting news…

Cold Pressed Obsessed!

I was a bit reluctant to put the girls on a dry food diet as Maya is such a fuss pot and didn’t enjoy dry food previously and would turn her nose up. You can imagine my amazement when the first box arrived and fussy Maya climbed on top of the box and started ripping it open to get to the food inside!

Dogs And Fireworks: Keeping Your Pet Safe On Bonfire Night

Pets don’t know on Bonfire Night that the unfamiliar noises and lights won’t hurt them or their family, so naturally even the most confident dog or cat may be scared. However, there’s plenty we can do as pet parents to lessen the trauma around the fifth of November.

Dogs’ Dental Health Guide

Dogs have the advantage over us when it comes to healthy teeth. They don’t consume sweets or fizzy drinks, and have a teeth-staining coffee habit. If you make sure your dog’s eating a balanced diet, you know they’ll be getting lots of the essential vitamins and minerals that they need for healthy teeth.

Woody’s Catch of the day!

Guru’s ‘Reel’ Fishskins are sustainably sourced, which I think is incredible. Living by the sea, we’re surrounded by the consequences of overfishing, plastic pollution and havoc caused on marine life by ghost fishing nets. I admire Guru for their conscientiousness across their products, using sustainable and recyclable alternatives wherever possible.

Cockapoo Henry loves his Guru

Hi my name is Henry and I’m a Cockapoo.
I have grown so much from when my hoomans started feeding me Guru Cold Pressed food and my coat looks great and feels so silky too!

Charlie & Boo – Fun Feeding

I like Guru because it hasn’t got a long ingredients list full of things I’ve never heard of. Charlie is prone to skin irritation and Guru keeps him on an even keel with healthy skin. Boo has put on weight and muscle in the right places. Even better, it’s tasty enough that I can use it as training treats!

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