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Remember, Remember our furiends this November

So, we’re getting close to bonfire night, which is great for a lot of us (like Ralph) but for some of our furry friends (like Mac), it’s not their favourite time of the year!

Super Cooper gets GURUvy

Guru as a whole has really impressed me from the ethos behind the whole company, to their customer service and of course to the actual products themselves. I think it’s fair to say Cooper has definitely become a very happy “Geekster”.

Ruby the GURUvy Calendar Girl

After giving everyone the Ruby greeting it was time for me to have my first taste of Guru as I sampled a trip bone! – Mum said it was like watching someone eat their favourite bar of chocolate when you scoff it all until the very last piece, then savour the tiniest crumb! IT WAS THAT DELICIOUS!

A Year on, how does Rufus rate Guru?

Can you believe it’s almost a year since I made the transition for Rufus’ dog food? Rufus has been on Guru Pet Food for a little over a year now. I thought we’d write a little update to let you know how we are getting on and why we’re still championing this cold pressed food.

Lovely Laula gets GURUvy

We decided that knowing full well Laula’s love for sausages, we had to try out their Venison Sausages. They are super healthy and have no nasties hidden away, this makes them perfect for a health conscious pup.

Spencer & Bailey’s journey to becoming Geeksters!

Bailey and Spencer are lively boys with an abundance of energy and personality. Guru’s well-balanced ingredients keep them both healthy and active. We believe that Guru dog food makes our boys not only happy boys, but also even-tempered doggies.


Guru really does tick every box for me, it’s tasty, as good as raw yet way more convenient, gentle on sensitive tums and to top it off, it’s produced by a super friendly family run business. I can’t recommend it enough.

Special thanks to Special Spaniels

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Steph & The Spaniels over the past year! We’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you for their support and talent, they really couldn’t deserve the title ‘Ambassadogs’ any more.

Holibobs with The Whippet Snippets Crew

I was a little worried about how the hounds would react to being fed dried food, I needn’t have worried, when the Guru arrived they tried to eat through the box! Even Boo, who is normally a little high and mighty had a go.

Our Fluffy Family found Guru

We were shocked to discover how, after one hour the cold pressed food starts to break down whilst during the same time dry foods start to expand and float. So Guru is more than likely cheaper AND most importantly, better for your pup.

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