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2 super special sausages!

You could feed your dog up to 33% less than standard extruded kibble… Amazing! To be honest, we were won over by how nice Lisa was and the incredible stand they had, so this information was an added bonus.

New year, new adventures!

If you fancy accomplishing a personal goal or improving your life, then stick with us and we’ll support each other along the way. Or if you just fancy having a good old giggle at our expense, then keep a look out for ‘Guru’s Geekathon’.

Geekster Greetings

Here we are again Geeksters… we’re welcoming in December at Guru HQ with a whole lotta love and we’re ready to share our all time favourite moments of the year with YOU!
Hold on tight as we’re about to Rewind, Pause and hit the Play button on 2017.

Holiday RoadTrippers?

Christmas is near and the New year’s upon us…
Will you be heading on an ADVENTure over the Holiday period? If so, Polly’s here to woof all about her ‘must have’ takeaways (trust us, it’s a tasty one)!

The Cotswold Geeksters

Your dog’s diet is extremely important but do you know what you’re actually feeding them?
This year whilst visiting  BBC’s Country File Live I encountered Guru Pet food. It was such a pleasure to discover a brand passionate about their products and that loves dogs just as much as I do.

10 Q’s With Guru!

Autumn is upon us! It feels like this year is going so fast!! One of the most exciting things about 2017 has been finding Guru Pet Food. When we launched our blog this past February Guru was one of the first companies to work with us and I credit much of our success to their undying support!

Cotswold Cuties Daily Routine

The dogs seem to believe that the most important thing in their life is food…
in particular Guru Pet Food. So I thought we’d talk you through their mealtimes and treats.

Training made easier with Guru treats!

I transitioned Max onto Guru Pet Food in early December of 2016, when he was just 6 months old. I quickly found that he would listen to commands more when I used a Guru cold pressed pellet over a basic training treat. Ever since, it’s been very useful with training and photo taking and I swear by it!

Our Fluffy Polly

We have noticed a significant difference in moulting since feeding Polly on Guru. Polly’s coat does highlight where dead fur is apparent and the quantity has reduced a lot since. Hetty the vacuum cleaner is very grateful!

Getting Guruvy and becoming…

Roshe’s been on Guru for about a month & I’m positive it’s already made a difference, his coat’s oh so glossy & he doesn’t let off wind like he used to (definitely a bonus…) He also used to get smelly breath & he doesn’t seem to have had that since introducing Guru which is another massive plus!

The Buzz

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