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Princess Piper’s GURUvy Year…

Guru has been a real game changer for us! When I was researching dog foods I was concerned at how much the better brand were going to cost. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Piper eats 40-45 grams of food per meal, depending on activity levels and this costs around 35-40p a day!

On the Road with Sev & Lily – GURUvy Ambassadogs

With the Summer dog festivals over for another year, and our time as Guru “Ambassadogs” coming to an end, it’s been so much fun to get to know the Guru team and support them in the best way. We will forever be Geeksters that #SpreadTheLove.

Getting GURUvy at The Game Fair

One place we did feel at home was the Guru stand! A collection of warm and friendly people welcoming every dog and their owner to learn more about cold pressed dog food. The passion of the Geeks spreading the Guru love was undeniable even when looking from afar.

From a fussy foodie to a gorgeous Geekster

It’s been a year since we started Guru Pet Food and it’s been a great one! Angus has always been fussy when it comes to food to the point where he would go days without eating and after 4 years of this I was beginning to tear my hair out.

How to slow down ‘hoover’ dogs!

It can be very difficult to curb a dog’s excitement when they see their dinner. It would seem that many Guru geeksters have this issue (quite understandable when Guruliciousness is involved) and this ultimately leads to a frenzied teatime with the food all gone in seconds!

The right dog food for the three musketeers

Guru looked like it would be perfect for all three and felt more confident in the health benefits and that Full on Feast would be a good match for Millie’s sensitivities.
Yippeee – happy meal times for the Three Musketeers!

On the Road Again – Dog Fest

Guru HQ is buzzin’
Was it really 12 months since we attended our first EVER show..? Yaass, the Geeks were about to go ‘On The Road Again’ and we were so excited to see all of our furiends old and new.

Top Facts from Sev & Lily

Dog feeding and nutrition can become a headache of “do’s and don’ts” and “rights and wrongs”. The popular sweep of Guru Pet Food is not just short term though, the buzz around it is real, but it truly is a great dog food for your pet.

Lola’s Success Story

Baring in mind Lola has had 2 litters of pups (13 in total), it’s obviously took its toll on her like most of us ladies out there. So cutting a long story short, I was told by the vet that Lola was morbidly obese and if I didn’t change things it would take 5 years off her life.

GeekSTARs – Up close and pawsonal

Roll out the red carpet and get those royal trumpets at the ready, because it’s time to give a HUGE Welcome to our shining new GeekSTARs!
We’re super excited to announce our newest members of #TeamGuru…

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