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10 Weight Loss Tips For Dogs

Are you a bit worried about your dog’s weight? Like us humans, dogs can occasionally tip the scales a bit and need to get back to their healthy weight. Happily, in most cases, it’s really easy to shed those extra inches.

Here’s how you can help your dog regain their ideal weight.

1.) Feed Your Dog A Healthy Diet

Dogs follow the same basic principles as humans when it comes to weight loss: how much food is going in compared with how much energy is being used. So, if your dog needs to lose a bit of weight, begin by looking at what’s in their bowl.

Some foods are higher in fats and bulky carbs than others.  Guru only uses quality proteins that can be lacking in many commercial dog foods and they also insist on including tasty fruits and veggies. The unique, low temperature cold pressing method, helps retain much more of the nutrients and vitamins in every bite.  Guru is also nutritionally dense, helping to keep your dog fuller for longer. This means you can cut down on treats or snacks, which can often be the cause of overfeeding.

2.) Measure The Portions Correctly

Even the healthiest food can lead to weight gain if it isn’t properly managed. Some dogs have an off-switch, others don’t – which is why it’s super-important to control portion sizes.

If you’re already feeding your dog Guru, then you can use our handy feeding guide to make sure they’re getting the perfect amount. Not only will this prevent them from overeating, but it will also cut down the need for snacks, as their tummies should be happily full and content after a Guru meal.

3.) Keep An Eye On Doggy Treats

Most dogs love a treat and cutting them out altogether can have a detrimental effect on training and rewarding good behaviour. So why you’re focused on regaining your dogs’ ideal weight, save treats for special occasions, for when you want to let them know they’ve been really well behaved. Also, remember to stick to treats which are healthy, such as our Reel Fishskins, as they’re packed with nutritious Omega 3.

4.) Cut Back On The Human Food

We know, we know… those puppy dog eyes staring up at the roast are very hard to resist. However, if you want your dog to lose weight, those human treats need to be cut right down, or preferably, out. Give your pet something else to do during human mealtimes, such as a favourite toy to play with.

5.) Make Sure Your Dog Is Exercising

As we pet parents know, diet needs to be combined with exercise for sustainable weight loss; and daily exercise helps to keep your dog happy and engaged, too.

Each breed has its own different needs; however, as a rule, most adult dogs require a minimum of 30 minutes exercise a day. Naturally, this changes as they get older, but don’t be tempted to cut out walkies for an older or arthritic pet: weight gain puts more pressure on those stiff joints.

6.) Run As Well As Walk

A slow stroll to the post box is better than nothing and may even be enough for a dog in their golden years. However, for some breeds, a short walk on a leash simply isn’t enough exercise.

If you have a Spaniel, Collie or German Shepherd, for example, they naturally need plenty of scamper time. Try to factor in off-lead time into their walks – a park or field is ideal, where they can run around happily, keeping fit and living their best, natural lives.

7.) Encourage Play Time

Liven up their daily exercise routine with some fun games. This is especially good if your dog is a bit of a couch potato and needs encouragement to exercise.

If you have a garden, easy access to outside is a great way to help your pooch stay active, especially if you can add a few simple dog toys like balls and chews. Indoor dog? There are plenty of home-friendly dog toys out there, even small agility sets.

8.) Join The Gym

You’d be surprised by how many dog exercise classes are out there. Joining an agility class is a great way to keep your dog fit, and you’ll meet up with some great fellow pet parents as well. If a class isn’t possible, some public parks have their own canine playgrounds with agility equipment.

A quick online search will show your local options. Dog fitness classes can range from yoga to swimming (yes, really), or simply sociable training sessions in the park.

9.) Start A Food And Exercise Journal

It can really help to keep a record of what your dog eats and what exercise they take – very like human slimming classes! This helps you make sure that any weight loss is slow, steady and sustainable. You’ll also need to record their weight to track progress.

10.) Get On The Scales

Help maintain a healthy weight by regularly weighing your dog. This is easier said than done. If you’re the proud parent of a miniature dachshund, simply weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding the dog, then do the maths. As you can imagine, this option isn’t possible with larger breeds. You can buy dog weighing scales online; however, this isn’t a cheap option, so it may be easier to visit the vet for a regular weigh-in.

If you have any concerns about your dog being overweight, then it may be worth speaking to your vet. However, in most cases, you can help your pet regain their svelte shape with a few tweaks to their diet and exercise.

Here at Guru, we’ve had many ‘Biggest Loser’ success stories over the years, so get in touch if you’d like further information. Eat, play, love… let’s start the year on a high and help your best friend live their best Geekster life.

HUGE thanks to our special Geekster Cooper for allowing us to share his photos whilst showing off his fantastic physique x 

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