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It’s Boxing Day!

It’s Boxing Day so let’s celebrate The Beautiful Boxer!

Energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent – and real comedians. There are so many good things to say about boxers. ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs show polled the boxer at number six; and at Guru HQ, we were delighted to see this bounciest of breeds make the top ten.

Here’s just a few reasons why we love boxers.

Boxers love everything

Boxers are enthusiastic and extrovert, and absolutely love their life and everything in it. They are the most exuberant of dogs, and are simply the best fun to be around. They love to play and interact with their human families, and absolutely adore them. They’re great around kids of all ages, and love to be the centre of attention.

As you may have gathered, boxers are not the most restful of pets and they don’t even slow down much with age! Make sure you feed them the diet they need to keep their energy levels up: our Cold Pressed Full On Feast, for example, is packed with essential nutrients for busy boxers.

Boxing clever

These are really intelligent and independent dogs with big personalities and a sense of adventure. This makes a well-trained boxer one of the best companions you could wish for.

However, as we all know, independence can easily become stubbornness; and like a clever child, the boxer will try it on. Make sure they’re well trained when they’re puppies, and that they’re very clear who’s boss. A boxer who understands their place in the pack will actually be more settled and content than one who’s unsure of boundaries.

Boxers are brilliant with people

Boxers are very affectionate dogs who love being with people. They are wonderfully loyal to their human family, and are known for being great with kids. These sociable dogs love being entertained, and our boxer pet parents tell us that they actually seem to have a sense of humour!

The flip side of this sociable nature is that boxers can experience separation anxiety, so this is something to consider if you work long hours.

They have sooooo much energy

The boxer loves to play and bounce around. They have heaps of physical energy, which makes them the perfect pets for sporty, outdoorsy families.

They’re also the greatest dancers. If there were a Strictly Come Doggy Dancing, this breed would win every season, paws down. Don’t believe us? Type “dancing boxer dogs” into YouTube.

Boxers make good guard dogs

Boxers are naturally protective, which in general is a good thing. However, they need careful training as pups to make sure that this is channelled properly, and their protective instinct doesn’t lead to any aggressive traits.

Your boxer will also want to look after its pack (your family) so make sure they are well socialised from a young age to avoid over-protectiveness.

They are incredibly handsome dogs

With their intelligent faces and strong, powerful bodies, these are fine-looking dogs. Even though they’re large, they have an almost feline grace, and walk elegantly on their surprisingly small paws, tail held up.

Just be mindful, as with all dogs, Boxers can gain weight if they’ve been spayed or neutered. Guru’s food is easy to measure, so you can make sure you’re giving them the right quantity for their needs.

Are you bowled over (possibly literally) by the boxer? If you’re looking for a fun-loving, loyal and enthusiastic pet, we think they’re a brilliant choice. Let us know how you get on with your new best friend/dancing partner!

Happy Boxing Day Geeksters and see ya in 2020 xox  

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