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Bordering on Perfect

Why border collies are the best companions.

Need your family rounding up in the morning? Introduce a beautiful border collie to your household! These intelligent dogs are truly remarkable, and we reckon that whoever came up with the phrase “man’s best friend” was thinking about border collies.

ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs poll lists border collies at number seven. Here’s why they are one of the nation’s best-loved companions.

Borders have brains

The border collie is officially the most intelligent dog on the planet (there’s a global ranking of dog breeds, based on a measure of instinctive, adaptive and obedience/work intelligence). They love being given tasks, hence their success as sheep and farm dogs, and form close bonds with their owners.

However, these alert dogs need training when they’re very young if you want to harness that intelligence. Trust us, you don’t want a bored border.

…and beauty

They are simply stunning dogs. Border collies come in a range of colours, with the black and white variety being the best known. Their long, elegant faces shine with intelligence, and their bodies are lithe and graceful.

Borders can have long or short coats, but all have the dense layer of fur that outdoor animals need. Their thick pelts need plenty of looking after, and an Omega 3-rich diet like Guru helps to promote coat health.

They can be trained to do so much

They’re not simply sheep dogs. The versatile border collie can be found working as sniffer dogs and as an essential part of search and rescue teams. They’re also great at agility, so training for dog shows can be a great way to keep their busy brains and bodies occupied.

Borders seem to really love the attention they get during a training session, and are touchingly eager to please.

Border collies make lovely companions

Border collies are loyal and loving, and can develop a genuinely close relationship with their owner. They usually have a special bond with one person, but will still be loving and friendly with the rest of the household.

Because of this, a well-trained collie can make a lovely family pet, with a playful nature that makes them excellent dogs for lively, outdoorsy households. However, the herding instinct is strong. We’re not joking when we say they might attempt to round up the kids and any other pets (the cat will be particularly unimpressed by this).

Borders are playful and energetic

This feels like an understatement. If you want a dog who’ll love to play catch, fetch and chase with you, borders are always up for a game. They need tons of exercise, loads of space and plenty of tasks for them to think about.

Borders also thrive on human company, to the point where they can develop separation anxiety if left alone. Ideally, a border collie lives in a house with a good-sized garden, and where at least one person remains at home with them.

They are charming older dogs

When they’re older, their bodies may slow down but their brains don’t: they’re not that dissimilar to their human companions, really. Elderly border collies still need plenty of mental stimulation and company to keep them happy.

However, you’ll need to adjust their calorie intake to allow for the drop in activity – have a look at our feeding guide to find out how easy it is to measure and adapt Guru cold-pressed dog food.


These really are lovely, lovely dogs. If you have a beautiful border in your life, send us a pic! You can also have a chat with the Guru team about making sure your border collie is getting the right nutrients for their boundless energy.

As always, thanks for reading Geeksters! Lots of love from,

The Guru Geeks xox


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