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As a first time dog owner we naturally wanted the very best for our fur-baby. When we first collected Ila we were given the usual starter pack of food that
Well where do we begin? The end is certainly a dream come true, so grab a cuppa and we will fill you in. The start of our search was for
This is Amber the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon Frise. Cavachon for short. Her hobbies include napping, eating, looking for treats and more napping. As you’d imagine this combination
Severus and Lily have eaten Guru Pet food since last Summer, and being “ambassadogs” of the brand, we’ve also learnt a lot more as time has gone on. Being true
Here at Guru we absolutely LOVE walking our dogs… Not only is it beneficial for their health, it’s also beneficial for ours! And it also gives us the opportunity to
Since being a young puppy, Maximus has had a sensitive stomach. Due to this, we had been on the hunt for the perfect nutritious meal that would agree with his