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I can’t believe it’s been over a year now since we started feeding Guru! After hearing the shocking stories about what goes in to some big dog food brands, I immediately
This Summer has been a fun and special one, being on the road with Guru Pet food and experiencing the wonderful events as the Ambassadogs for the last time. Guru
We were super excited to be joining in with the Geeks this past weekend at the Game Fair! Getting to know the team on social media this past year has
It’s been a year since we started Guru Pet Food and it’s been a great one! Angus has always been fussy when it comes to food to the point where
It can be very difficult to curb a dog’s excitement when they see their dinner. It would seem that many Guru geeksters have this issue (quite understandable when Guruliciousness is
(The Three Musketeers: Isla, Harley and Millie) Back in November last year, I made a massive leap out of full time work to run my business (Millie’s Beach Huts) and