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So, we’re getting close to bonfire night, which is great for a lot of us (like Ralph) but for some of our furry friends (like Mac), it’s not their favourite
“What!!! These goodies are all for me??!!!” Cooper & I were super lucky to receive an exciting parcel a few weeks ago from the amazing team over at Guru, who
If you know me well, you’ll already know my love for Guru Pet Food and the team behind the scenes! As a Guru Geekster for exactly 7 months, I just had
Can you believe it’s almost a year since I made the transition for Rufus’ dog food? Rufus has been on Guru Pet Food for a little over a year now.
We finally met with the Geeksters at Guru when attending The Game Fair! We were not disappointed with our high expectations, all the Geeksters were super friendly and gave Laula so much attention. It
Guru has been in Spencer’s life for about a year now. We had gradually introduced it when he was still a puppy. We are convinced that we have made the