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Are you thinking of adding a four-legged family member to your household? If so, good call, as a dog can be a wonderful addition, companion and playmate for your family
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Contents   What is Cold Pressed dog food? What is the Cold Pressing method? How does this method differ from dry food/kibble? What are the health benefits of Cold Pressed
How To Keep Your Dog Stimulated Indoors As pet parents, most of us are used to spending lots of time outdoors with our four-legged-friends. As that’s not possible at the
How To Treat Your Dog On ‘Love Your Pet Day’ Here at Guru we LOVE Valentine’s Day, however don’t forget that a few days after on the 20th of February,
10 Weight Loss Tips For Dogs Are you a bit worried about your dog’s weight? Like us humans, dogs can occasionally tip the scales a bit and need to get
It’s Boxing Day so let’s celebrate The Beautiful Boxer! Energetic, enthusiastic, intelligent – and real comedians. There are so many good things to say about boxers. ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dogs