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Since being a young puppy, Maximus has had a sensitive stomach. Due to this, we had been on the hunt for the perfect nutritious meal that would agree with his
Our journey with Guru started last year during the summer, we went along to the Game Fair at Ragley Hall, not ashamed to admit we actually pretty much went solely
The Cotswolds or ‘wolds’ referred to by the locals is a very special place. From its golden stone to its rolling hills, it’s a fabulous place to explore. With adventures
Buster is an adorable one-year-old French Bulldog. He’s very cute and sweet natured, but when his owner, Nicola Smith, first brought him into her home, he did have one considerable
We kept seeing all of our best pawfriends on Instagram eating Guru dog food so we wanted to try it too! Thanks to the amazing Geekster team we got given
If you don’t know Alfie Bear by now… where on earth have you been for the past couple of years? Alfie is a dapper dog who struts his stuff on