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The Definitive Guide To Cold Pressed Dog Food

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Considering changing your dogs’ food? Overloaded with conflicting information from large pet companies with big advertising budgets? Then we may just have the answer for you.

Have you heard about Cold Pressed dog food? If not, here’s a closer look at this delicious and nutritious food that’s quickly becoming extremely popular with Britain’s devoted pet parents (and their happy pooches).

What is Cold Pressed dog food?

Cold pressing is a method of producing complete dog food at lower temperatures. By using our Cold Pressed method, the natural ingredients retain all of their flavour, aroma, vitamins and nutritional value which are essential to growth, digestion and good health. All of the goodness is retained in bite-sized pieces.

Cold Pressing is seen as a simpler alternative to a home-cooked menu: providing your pet with the balanced protein diet they need, without having to prepare raw or cooked food every day. It’s an excellent solution for busy pet parents who want their dog’s food to be healthier, whilst saving time and money.


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What is the Cold Pressing method?

Cold pressing involves gently mixing the ingredients then pressing them for a few seconds. Meats such as beef, chicken and duck along with sea fish are cooked to ensure there is no bacteria in the food. The dried meat is then blended with the other ingredients like fruits, vegetables and herbs and mixed together with essential cold pressed oils. This method takes longer to produce as it’s more involved than the mass-market extrusion process.

How does this method differ from dry food/kibble?

Most commercial dry dog food is made using a process called extrusion. The ingredients are dried and ground, then the dry matter is extruded through nozzles. The extrusion method uses steam and heats the mixture to high temperatures of over 120oC. After the food has been extruded and formed into kibble, it’s sprayed with fats, oils and vitamins.

Extrusion is efficient and cost-effective for the manufacturer; however, the very high temperatures can reduce the ingredients’ nutritional value, which is why fats and oils are sprayed onto the kibble after its cooked. Vitamins are especially sensitive to being cooked, so the less heat they encounter, the better.

What are the health benefits of Cold Pressed dog food?

Dogs fed on a Cold Pressed diet should benefit from a healthy digestive system, lots of energy and a gorgeously glossy coat to name a few.

The combination of a hearty meal mixed with fresh vegetables, brown whole grain rice and cold pressed oils are a perfectly balanced recipe for your pet. Additional benefits for your dog can include better breath and reduced stool odour so look out for recipes that contain parsley and yucca extract.

What are the main ingredients in Cold Pressed pet food? 

The main ingredient your pooch needs in their diet, is protein. The first ingredient when it comes to dog nutrition, should always be meat such as chicken, beef, lamb or duck or possibly fish.

Other vitamins, minerals and oils come from veggies such as sweet potato, carrots and broccoli. Added natural cold pressed oils such as rapeseed, linseed and fish oil help to keep coats shiny and skin healthy. Brown whole grain rice is a tasty carb and is a great digestible source of fibre for your pet.

Is Cold Pressed food hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic simply means ‘unlikely to cause an allergic reaction’. Cold pressed foods are a good option if your dog has allergies because most are made from just a few, high-quality ingredients, reducing the likelihood of a reaction.

Guru is not only hypoallergenic but gluten-free, which is good news for gluten-intolerant dogs. Some dog food recipes are grain free, but most dogs will benefit from the fibre found in brown rice and few dogs seem to be allergic to it.

Can a Cold Pressed diet help dogs with sensitive digestive systems? 

Yes. Cold pressed can be really helpful for dogs with sensitive tums. Dogs prone to tummy upsets need a simple, gentle diet, free from artificial preservatives (Guru does not contain any preservatives or chemical additives) and full of essential nutrients. Gluten free foods prevent uncomfortable bloating, while brown rice is great for digestibility.

According to those wagging tails and empty bowls, cold pressed food is tastier than other dry dog foods, so it’s more tempting for dogs with lower appetites, including elderly pets.

Is Cold Pressed dog food suitable for all life stages?

Cold pressed food can be fed to puppies from 4 weeks of age (weaning), right through to senior dogs. To aid digestibility or help dogs with teething issues, cold pressed foods like Guru can be mixed with water and served as a wet food if they prefer. To make sure your pooch is getting the correct portion size check out the feeding guide .

How does Cold Pressed compare with a raw food diet?

A raw diet for dogs is often seen as a natural way to feed your pet. However, you need plenty of time, some serious freezer space, a healthy bank balance and a fastidious cleaning regime if this is to be your dog’s daily diet.

Cold pressed dog food is a great alternative to raw. It’s low temperature pressing method retains those essential nutrients; but because it comes as a complete food, it’s far easier and convenient to feed.

How do I switch from typical commercial dog food to Cold Pressed?

Changing from a standard dry kibble to cold pressed food is the same as most transitions: slowly does it. Most dog owners allow about two weeks to make the switch, gradually adding a bit more of the new food until fully transitioned. For some dogs it can take just a few days.

Always ensure that your dog has access to plenty of fresh clean drinking water when feeding.

Is Cold Pressed dog food more expensive than standard dog food?

No. If you compare Guru to some of the most popular dried dog foods, the price is the same if not less expensive, unlike freeze dried which can offer great quality but at a very high price. Cold pressed is nutritionally denser, you’ll typically be serving around a third less. Although the cost difference isn’t huge, the benefits to your dog could be.

What is the shelf life of Cold Pressed pet food?

Guru has a shelf life of 8 months, which we think is a good thing because there are no preservatives in the food.

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We love chatting about your dog’s nutritional needs at Guru. If you want to know more about our Cold Pressed food, how it’s made, the ingredients and benefits, please get in touch.

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