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Woody’s Catch of the day!

Where better place to test out Guru’s new Reel Fishskins than Cadgwith cove? A sleepy fishing village on Cornwall’s Lizard Peninsula. Fishermen launch their boats from the beach, on the hunt for the best catch of the day.

Woody loves hunting for dead fish at the beach, much to my dismay. He happily trots over after a good rummage in the rock pools carrying a collection of fish tails, crab shells or his absolute favourite, starfish legs.

Arguably you can’t get any fresher than a straight out of the rock pool starfish, however when we were asked to taste test Guru’s new fish skin treats, it came as quite a relief!

The Reel Fishskins are sustainably sourced, which I think is incredible. Living by the sea, we’re surrounded by the consequences of overfishing, plastic pollution and havoc caused on marine life by ghost fishing nets. I admire Guru for their conscientiousness across their products, using sustainable and recyclable alternatives wherever possible. The treats are 100% white fish skin. Exactly the same as the ones I save for Woody when I cook fish for the humans in our house.

There are a variety of sizes in the packet and they’re all dried out so you don’t have to handle any slippery scales. They’re not particularly smelly either, which is always a bonus!

I was surprised just how chewy the treats were. Woody took his time munching through each piece. He enjoyed gripping them between his paws before ripping and chewing them with his teeth. It’s safe to say they kept him busy! They also didn’t collect too much sand when Woody dropped them on the floor, something we struggle with more often than not in Cornwall! Woody would happily leave them on the beach and return to them when he next felt peckish.

I can’t wait to use them at beach barbecues this summer, as they’d be perfect for keeping Woody occupied. I may even be able to eat a whole burger, without having to share it with him!

The Reel Fishskins are great on the go, with a resealable packet that fits nicely into a coat pocket or our dog walking bag. They’re fairly robust too, which is ideal when out adventuring around Cornwall. There’s nothing worse than finding crumbled up treats at the bottom of your bag after a day at the beach!

It’s a paws up from Woody and a sigh of relief from me! I can finally enjoy a walk by the sea with peace of mind and without Woody bringing half the marine life home with us. We’re excited to add another packet with our next Guru order!

Hattie & Woody x


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