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Before rescuing Stella in September 2017, Maya and Peanut were being fed exclusively on a raw diet. Stella came to us in a really poor condition having only given birth six weeks earlier. She was really thin, was covered in fleas and had red and itchy skin and ears. I immediately put her on a raw diet and she improved slightly but not much. She received antibiotics for her skin and ears which helped a bit but she was still suffering and was constantly biting her nails too! 

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend things took a turn for the worst and Stella developed chronic vomiting and diarrhoea. It came on suddenly and within 4 hours deteriorated so much that we whisked her off to the emergency vet and she was immediately hospitalised and put on a drip. For whatever reason Stella has compromised immune system and as Peanut has also previously experience similar issues (and they are related) the vet thought that their immune systems were too fragile to tolerate the bacteria in raw food.

Another downside to Stella’s health issues was that I would break out in a rash if any of her fur would touch my skin, so every time I wanted to touch or cuddle her I would have to wear a jumper or a long sleeved top. Bathing and grooming did nothing to change this issue and the vet was at a loss to a reason.

I was a bit reluctant to put the girls on a dry food diet as Maya is such a fuss pot and didn’t enjoy dry food previously and would turn her nose up. But as we had friends who were feeding their dogs on Guru with such great results I decided to give it a try. You can imagine my amazement when the first box arrived and fussy Maya climbed on top of the box and started ripping it open to get to the food inside! Not only did she manage to break open the box but she managed to chew a hole in the food packaging too!

I’m happy to report that this excitement and love hasn’t stopped and they eagerly wait for every delivery. What makes it so much fun for the girls is having the option of having the food dry and wet like a porridge. Having this option means that we can also freeze the food in ice trays and serve their dinner cold in the hot Summer we’ve had.

Stella’s skin and ear issues have completely cleared and as an added bonus within two weeks of starting Guru, I no longer have any skin reaction when touching Stella.

Thank you Guru, we have a house full of very happy girls!

Natasha, Maya, Peanut & Stella xx


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