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Are Guru’s ‘Reel’ Fishskins Loveable?

We took on their latest taste test to try out their brand new ‘Nothing to Hide – REEL Fishskins’ and its safe to say we were not disappointed! One thing we really did notice, is just how
shiny our coats became.

Oscarooni the Geeksterooni

Since using Guru, Oscar’s coat is definitely looking and feeling a lot better.  He’s a Cockapoo so has difficult hair at the best of times, but we’ve noticed his coat is a lot glossier looking and softer too!  In regards to his temperament, he is a LOT calmer than he was before he was on Guru. 

Hunter & Maple… For ‘Reel’

The fish skins, like all the other products from Guru have ‘NOTHING TO HIDE’. They’re packed with Omega 3, which can aid brain development, help maintain a healthy heart and joints. They also keep your dog’s coat in optimum condition and we all know Hunter loves his coat looking shiny.

Geekster Muttley

Since meeting the Guru team at Blenheim Palace, we’ve never looked back and remember that day with much affection. Muttley was transformed! He ate the first couple of sample packets that evening without soaking and the following morning he got up from his bed to look for his breakfast. 

Geekstars of Dog Fest

We were greeted by the very excitable Geek Squad at Guru Pet Food! Ruby and Martha lapped up the attention, leaving their stand a little slobbery! As Guru’s LOVEable GeekSTARS, we couldn’t resist taking some photos in front of their ‘Guruwood’ backdrop.

Woody rides the Guru wave

Guru’s Cold Pressed dog food was a success and so were their tasty treats too! They also have an amazing online community, with Guru Geeksters up and down the country.
It’s a paws up from us!

Guru’s biggest Dog Fest loser

I just want to say a huge thank you to you all at Guru. You really have changed my pooches life. This time last year (2017) Harvey was more than a little overweight weighing just over 18kgs!!! Harvey still has a little way to go but he is doing so well. He is loving life and we both are loving Guru. 

Kubo Facebook

I am convinced that his stomach was full for longer though and despite having less food, he had definitely had enough. I gave him a choice of foods for his next meal, his nose went straight into the Guru bowl! Proof is in the pudding there!

Geekster Family

My puppies are doing so well on it – not one upset tummy episode. Frankie’s ears are beautiful and pink again. Guru has cleared everything up in just a few weeks! I’m super impressed with Guru and I’m recommending it to EVERYONE!

Ila taste tests Guru’s ‘Reel’ Fishskins

Ila’s verdict: she LOVED them! In fact, she could not get enough of them (as with any of the Guru Pet Food range). Now it takes one sniff of the open packet and she dances around offering every trick in the book to get her paws on a bite.

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