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Cockapoo Henry loves his Guru

Hi my name is Henry, I’m a Cockapoo and I’m 6 months old.

I have grown so much from when my hoomans started feeding me Guru Cold Pressed food. I’m now 10kg and make the hoomans hold me when I’m weighed, as I’m not keen on standing on the scales!

I love Guru and often eat it mushed up with water, as it slows me down from eating it so quickly.

I am a growing boy and enjoy charging around whenever I can, either in the garden or house, it doesn’t matter! I also have part of my allowance as treats (that’s if I’m good of course and do what I am asked) and I love eating treats, so I do try to be good.

I’m still a little puppy although I’m growing well, my coat looks great and feels so silky. I’m brushed once a day at least, so as you can see, I’m really pampered. My red curls (although I get told that I’m ginger) look so soft and conditioned, everyone likes to touch me and I love the attention. I think that my hoomans are also happy with my poop, as they are firm and easy to scoop. I’m a bundle of fun and full of energy but slightly calmer with the change in food to Guru (even though I am a bit of a lazy Cockapoo first thing in the morning).

Guru is also great when they take me out to different places (I go to the local pub and to many parks) as I can enjoy a Guru picnic lunch on-the-go.

My owners love the fact that Cold Pressed food has all the nutrients I need for a growing boy and they weigh me to ensure that I get the right amount. They use the Guru puppy calculator which helps with portion control and makes it so easy.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoy Guru as much as I do!

Geekster Henry xox

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