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Like a dog with a bone…

Like a dog with a bone, that’s what we’re like when we’ve been given our Guru Trip bones. I’m very lucky to have the best job in the world in my eyes, and part of it means a lot of travelling and photoshoots with my dogs.

Lushious Cockers

Here’s Alfie, the lemon roan, and Brooke, my two Working Cockers. Guru keeps them in top shape!
They can’t decide which flavour they like best, so we switch between the two.

Guru Love

If you follow us on Instagram and have been reading our blog over the past few months you will know how much we love Guru. Not only is the food fantastic but the people behind the brand are also why we love the food so much, as they truly do care about quality nutrition and the overall health of dogs.

Spread The Guru Love…

Did you manage to get your paws on a Love Trip bone in time to share it with that special someone?
Check out some of our Gorgeous Geeksters ‘Spreading The Love’ with their tasty treats.

Munchkin the GURUate assistance dog!

My job is to detect meltdowns when they are about to happen and stop him from hurting himself or my Humans. For this I need good health fuel. After trying some Brands, we found Guru cold pressed food. It keeps me in great shape and help me stay feeling awesome.

Doug’s Delish Dish

We’ve tried and tested many brands of dog food over the years and honestly nothing compares to GURU Cold Pressed Dog food, the closest thing is raw food but I cannot be doing with all the defrosting and blood…

Lovely Lushlabs

What shocked us and to be honest it made total sense… is the whole cold pressed food. The dogs don’t guzzle water, the food inside the stomach doesn’t swell, its superior quality and from real people! Not some big faceless company.

2 super special sausages!

You could feed your dog up to 33% less than standard extruded kibble… Amazing! To be honest, we were won over by how nice Lisa was and the incredible stand they had, so this information was an added bonus.

New year, new adventures!

If you fancy accomplishing a personal goal or improving your life, then stick with us and we’ll support each other along the way. Or if you just fancy having a good old giggle at our expense, then keep a look out for ‘Guru’s Geekathon’.

Geekster Greetings

Here we are again Geeksters… we’re welcoming in December at Guru HQ with a whole lotta love and we’re ready to share our all time favourite moments of the year with YOU!
Hold on tight as we’re about to Rewind, Pause and hit the Play button on 2017.

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