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Hi, Harley here! If you didn’t already know, I love my food! I wasn’t always like that; I tried numerous dry foods, wet foods and even a raw diet for a while but after a few days I would turn my nose up at what was on offer. I was also putting on some weight as not eating the food made me hungry and I turned to treats and as a senior, I was staring to have some joint problems and my coat was dull.

After starting my Instagram account, I made some lovely friends who persuaded me to try this new food called Guru. They sent a sample pack and it went down really well, so to cut a long story short, the parents decided to make the switch and I’ve never turned down a meal in nearly two years I’ve been on it.

When we got Raffles, we decided we’d raise him on Guru as it’s suitable for puppies from 4 weeks of age. It can be mixed with warm water to form a porridge like consistency, so it’s ideal for the little ones and they can gradually transition to eating it dry by reducing the amount of water mixed in.

Raffles thrived on Guru. He had so much energy, his coat was lovely and shiny and he was growing into a handsome little pup. As Guru is a cold pressed food, the ingredients are ground, then gently mixed together before they are cold pressed at very low temperatures which means that all the yummy ingredients, like beef, brown rice, sea fish, mixed vegetables and fruits retain all of their flavour, vitamins and nutrients.

It also contains oils, herbs and prebiotics; everything for a healthy immune system and a lovely coat and has the added benefit of making the stools easier to pick up – which human is going to say no to that!

A year on, Raffles has just had a health check and the vet confirmed what we already knew… he’s a happy, healthy pup, the correct weight for his age, his skin, eyes, teeth and coat are all perfect.

As for me, I’m nearly 10 years old now and thanks to Guru, my joint problems have disappeared and I’ve lost 3kg, I’m fit and healthy for my age and can run around and play with my little brother. Guru has done us both the world of good.

Are we glad we’re Guru Geeksters? We sure are! This old man and little pupster are proof of the benefits.

Lots of Love,

Harley and my little bro Raffles xox


Why not join this handsome pair on their adventures over on Instagram ‘here’, or check out their brand new GURUvy blog page ‘here‘…

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