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Cooper Tried and Tested

A dog’s diet is extremely important and Cooper thoroughly enjoys mealtime; he’s been known to bring his bowl over in the manner of Oliver Twist! Cooper eats Guru Pet Food and he’s here with his hoomans to #spreadthelove

When we first brought Cooper home, no doubt like most first-time dog owners, we continued to use the puppy food that our breeder recommended. It was a popular brand and we bought in bulk, which made sense at the time.

Then after a few months, Cooper stopped eating the stuff. He would sniff his bowl and walk away. We tried different techniques, like putting it into frozen Kongs, changing his meal times and adapting the quantity. It was frustrating and worrying, as there was seemingly no explanation for it.

We paid a visit to the vet, who thankfully couldn’t find anything wrong, and they suggested we try another food. I took to the internet to research – my favourite past time! – and came across a couple of different brands our Instagram friends were trying.

This is how we came across Guru Pet Food. We bought a sample food pack from their website, which arrived a couple of days later, and you wouldn’t believe the relief of watching Cooper eat his food – no, sorry, devour his food – in seconds flat! And so began the transition over to Guru and we haven’t looked back.

Cooper’s favourite flavour is Surf & Turf, which is packed full of beef, sea fish and vegetables. As the food is cold pressed, it retains the flavour, vitamins and nutritional value that all growing dogs need.

You simply add warm water to the bite-sized chunks and watch it expand. Here’s a handy video to see it in action: PRESS PAWS HERE

In addition to the tasty GURUliciousness of Surf & Turf, Cooper also enjoys the occasional field trip bone when we’re out and about, and he’s quite partial to the venison sausages. These come in handy when we’re doing training or learning new tricks!

If you’re looking for something new to feed your dog, why not order a sample pack and give it ago? Become a Geekster like Cooper! 


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