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Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Dog Lifestyle

We all adore our dogs and want them to have The Best of The Best!

Here at Guru, our furiends mean everything to us and we want to do everything we can to make sure they have a happy, long and  healthy life as possible.

We know you feel the same too, so check out:

Our Top Tips for A Healthy Dog & Puppy Lifestyle!

1. Food glorious Food! – That sounds like a tasty place to start…

A top quality, nutritious diet is really important for a healthy lifestyle. Here at Guru, we want the best for all dogs which is why we believe that #ColdPressedIsBest!

Cold pressing is a unique method we use to prepare your dog’s food. The ingredients are ground and gently mixed together before being pressed at low temperatures for just a few seconds. This carefully retains as much of the ingredients flavour, aroma, vitamins and nutritional value as possible, which are essential to growth, digestion and good health. Cold pressed dog food guarantees a naturally nutritious and balanced diet for your best friend!
If you’re not a Guru Geekster already, why not try a sample? HERE


Good Diet Tips

2. Watch that Weight – One way to help extend your dog’s life and keep them happy and healthy is by maintaining a healthy weight.

Our furiends can become overweight if they eat lots of fatty human food, or if they just eat too much dog food and don’t get enough exercise. When we think of an ‘unhealthy weight’, a lot of us think of our dogs being overweight, however this isn’t always the case… we need to make sure our furiends aren’t underweight either. So how do you reach your dog’s perfect weight?

We recommend feeding your dog Guru cold pressed. We have a handy feeding calculator on our website so all you have to do is select your dog’s ideal weight (if they’re an adult), rather than the weight they’re currently at and it tells you how many grams to feed. This will ensure they receive the right amount of nutrition so they will shed the pounds or gain the bit of weight they need.  As Guru is cold pressed, it’s suitable for all breeds and all ages which means you can also feed our food to your puppy. As growing pups need to eat more (lucky pups) we have a separate calculator that works out the correct amount to feed as they grow into a fit and healthy adult.

Use our puppy & dog food calculator to see how much Guru food you need to keep your doggie healthy.


Dog Lifestyle Tips - Regular Exercise

3. Excellent Exercise – Dogs need regular exercise in the same way we do.

It’s completely up to you how and when they exercise however ideally they should have around 1 hour per day where they can run, jump and explore until their hearts are content, as well as having their regular walks for the day. Exercise requirements can differ depending on your dog’s breed, sex, age, and health. Allowing your furiend to socialise and play with other dogs during their exercise, is something they’ll enjoy as well as being a really good way of helping them maintain a healthy weight. This could also keep them emotionally healthy too!


Dog Lifestyle Tips - Puppy Training

4.Time to Train – Following on from our previous point, having a healthy lifestyle isn’t just all about the outside, it’s what you can’t see too!

Training is a great way to mentally challenge your furiend and help with mental stimulation. Making your dog work for their food is a great way to do this, either by making them wait, shake a paw or turning their feeding time into a fun game! If you want to challenge your furiend even further, you could  take up a hobby such as agility training… this will help keep both you and your dog fit and healthy, whilst simultaneously improving your dog’s behaviour and overall well-being.


Dog Lifestyle Tips - Dental Care

5. Time to shine Teefies! – Get those teeth sparkling…

Dental hygiene is an important part of your dogs overall health so make sure to inspect your furiends teeth and gums weekly. One of the benefits our customers notice is that their dogs have fresher breath! Guru cold pressed dog food is great for dental hygiene. The cold pressed crunch is great for your furiends teeth as well as our Trip bones (not to mention they’re super duper tasty… ask our Geeksters). We have two sizes, check them out: Field Trip bones (47g) and Road Trip bones (118g).

You could also check with your vet for instructions on regular brushing with canine toothpaste.


6. Did someone say TREATS? – Yumm… we all love to treat our furiends, but are we giving them the best of the best?

Treats are just as important as your dog’s main diet, so don’t just think ‘anything will do’. For a healthy and obedient dog, we need healthy dog treats that makes training worthwhile. Our Venison Sausages are great for this! We have developed our  ‘Nothing To Hide’ range that’s made with 70% British Venison, apple and sweet potato which are sure to get your furiend wanting more. If you’re out and about, all you’ll need to do is pop them out your pocket and BOOM, you furiend will be right there. Why not try some HERE?


Dog Lifestyle Tips - healthy Dog Coat

7. Coat Care – The Cold Pressed oils within Guru help your dog’s skin, leaving your furiend with a healthy and glowing coat.

Improvements in the coat and skin are one of the main benefits Geeksters notice when switching to our cold pressed food!
Another thing to keep in mind with coat care, is to fight those fleas and tackle those ticks!
Fleas can cause many health problems, not just itchy skin and can be the source of allergies, anemia, and tapeworms. Luckily there’s a great number of flea control products available. Monthly applications should be given based on the weight of your dog and keep in mind you must treat all your pets, not just the ones when fleas are obvious. You need to be extra careful in warmer months!
Tics like to latch themselves on to dogs/humans and transmit disease… ew! Always check your dog for ticks after a walk in long grass or woodland, particularly their face, eyes and inside the ears.


Dog Lifestyle Tips - Hydration

8. Keep your furiend Hydrated – It’s important that we make sure our furiends always get enough to drink!

Especially in hot, sunny, summer weather (not that we see the sun too often here haha). Have cool fresh water available for them at all timesA good tip is to have more than one water dish out in different places, e.g outside, in the kitchen etc. Keep an eye on the water level to make sure your dog is getting enough to drink.


Dog Lifestyle Tips - Sleeping Dog

9. Keep it Clean! – Keeping bowls, bedding, towels etc clean is another key point to keeping your furiend happy and healthy.

Would you like to eat from a dirty plate or bowl? We’re guessing no… so why would your furiend? Making sure their bowls are clean is super important to avoid them becoming ill. Even if your dog enjoys rolling in mud, they should have a clean bed, so make sure to shake bedding outdoors and vacuum regularly to get rid of hairs. Also, don’t forget to wash covers, blankets and towels to keep fleas and smells away. Let’s not leave the car crew behind… remember the bedding and towels you keep in the car as well.


Dog Lifestyle Tips - Affection

10. Spread The Love – We’ve saved the best ’til last!

Most of you know, here at Guru, we’re all about spreading the love…

The bond between you and your best furiend is something special and something no one can take away from you. As their pawrent, your dog looks to you for love and is also looking to please you. Maybe they’re a cuddler, so you cosy up on the couch for a snuggle or maybe they just need some positive encouragement every once in a while. Little actions go a long way in maintaining a loving relationship with your pet.

It’s a reward for both you and your dog to display your unconditional love for one another. The love between you and your dog is super powerful, so powerful that it could have it’s own super hero name!

Showing your dog some love and affection can shape how they interact with other animals and people. Why not show your dog some love right now, go on… how can you resist those puppy dog eyes?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and maybe you can take something away from our 10 top tips for a healthy dog lifestyle. 

As we mentioned at the begining, we want to do everything we can to give your dog a long, happy and healthy life which is why we put all of our efforts into producing healthy and nutritious food and treats for your furiends.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to head over to our website if you have any questions or want more information.

The Guru Geeks xox

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