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Wonderful Wilson’s Story

Hello everyone. My name is Wilson and I’m a 4 year old Welsh springer spaniel. Mummy says I’m very lucky to have got to 4 years old for a number of reasons – I think my naughtiness being one of them! The main one though is that 18 months ago I became very ill with something called “immune mediated encephalitis”. Basically I had lots of lesions on my brain that shouldn’t have been there and it swelled up making me feel very, very dizzy and wobbly. My legs didn’t work properly and my head hurt It scared me and it scared my family.

This is a photo of me the day before I got sick – I look the picture of health don’t I?!

Thankfully I am now on the road to good health (though I will never be completely in the clear).

I’m getting back to my naughty ways, like stealing mummy’s socks and running away with them. I also like to wake her up sometimes with a big ‘boof’ of my paws (it’s even better when she is awake because then she will laugh and play with me). We go to agility classes too and I love doing that. It’s helped to keep my muscles strong while I’ve been on the steroids.

Here I am on my favourite beach in Cornwall just about to ‘boof’ mummy with my paws!!

Since I was a puppy mummy has always tried to make sure I was fed on a good food. She likes dry food because it is convenient for her (though the occasional treat of chicken or other meat was added too) and a balanced diet for me. I always had a lovely, glossy coat and people commented on how stunning I am.

After I became ill I couldn’t digest my food as well as before because the medicines had upset my intestines and also caused a mild pancreatitis. I had little muscle spasms/twitches that worried us. Mummy started to investigate further all the different foods that might help me and which diets had them in. The one I was on was a very good diet but didn’t have the vegetables and meat in it that mummy thought I needed. She then discovered Guru and my life has changed! It has alfalfa, broccoli and liver in it that she had read would help with my condition. I don’t eat any fruit or vegetables unless it’s in my dry food already because I don’t like them – I will spit them out in disgust! The other good thing was, as it is a cold pressed food, I would be getting more of the nutrients and able to digest them better because of the way the food breaks down more quickly. Within a week of being on Guru Surf n Turf my muscle spasms and twitches had lessened a lot and now that I am on it completely I rarely get them. When I do it is usually due to stress on my recovering muscles/body because I have overdone it on a walk or something. A couple of rest days and I’m back to normal again.

I’ve told my friends, Terri and Lili, about this food too and they are now trying it out as well. We all love the taste and our humans are pleased that we lick our bowls clean!

After a check up at the vet with mummy, there’s no signs of my neuro problem and the pancreatitis is under control.

Here’s a recent photo of me looking healthy again – long may it stay this way!

Geekster Wilson x

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