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Lola’s Success Story

So, this is Lola’s story…

From a Chucky Puggle with no energy to a petite princess that thinks she’s a puppy.

Start weight: 16kg

current weight: 12kg

Total loss of: 4kg

Baring in mind Lola has had 2 litters of pups (13 in total), it’s obviously took its toll on her like most of us ladies out there.

I’ve always fed what brand I thought was the best, never really paying much attention to what was in it. I just thought, ‘the higher the price the better it must be’. Looking back, how wrong was I?
We all learn by our mistakes. Also, I had never weighed food before (bad I know) but I just thought a cup twice a day will be fine, plus she would have the odd bit of human food, which is so bad for them I know. I was just weak at this point and thought if they beg I must give, no no no.


So cutting a long story short, I was told by the vet that Lola was morbidly obese and if I didn’t change things it would take 5 years off her life. I was so upset and knew it was my fault, I had to change my ways asap. Lola was actually at the vet for skin allergies, which was due to the not so great food she was on too, but I didn’t realise this at the time. The vet put me on a brand of theirs and yes, it shifted a little weight but the sore’s were out in force, so it was time to really look into this.

In October last year, I was chatting with my neighbour about Lola being over weight and her constant sores all over her body, when she asked if I’d heard of Guru. I told her that I hadn’t heard of them, but would check them out and that very same day I purchased my first bag of Surf & Turf. I found the website great, love that they only have a few things for sale, love the feeding guide calculator (so you know the exact amount to feed your fury friends) and the videos are cute and teach you a lot of things you would never normally know. I ended up calling Guru before I placed my order as I wasn’t too sure what to get; the customer service was great, they were so helpful and kind and had so much time for me.

So Lola’s journey began early October, I was excited but nervous about the new food and was hoping she liked it and praying this was the change we needed.

Lola’s loved the Guru from day 1, she’s a greedy dog and would eat anything but I could tell she really enjoyed it because she seemed different. When I say ‘dinner’, her eyes go big, she wags and howls with excitement and licks her lips like yessss GURU! Before switching, she would slowly get out of bed, yawn and then eat her nasty food. Her Guru meal in the morning is crunchy, then we feed her Guru with water, like a porridge, in the evening to make it last a little longer and she loves it like this!

Since feeding Guru, not only has she lost weight, her sores have gone and she’s got the shiniest coat, no more Gungy eyes or sore itchy ears and no horrid smells from her back passage (because this was a real bad issue before).  I don’t think she even pumps now ha ha! She’s got more good energy as she was a bit grumpy and lazy before.

All in all, I’m so happy we changed to Guru. My dogs love it and are at a great weight and are very healthy & happy too!

Hayley, Jackson & Lola xox


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