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Ila taste tests Guru’s ‘Reel’ Fishskins

As Guru Pet Food’s Dynamic GeekSTAR, Ila has been asked to taste test their brand new treats – Nothing To Hide ‘Reel’ Fishskins. Living up to Guru’s reputation, these treats have ‘Nothing To Hide’ and are made using quality ingredients with no unhealthy additives; they are made of 100% White Fish Skins from sustainable sources.

Fish Dog Food Treats

Being made purely from fish skin, they are hypoallergenic with no grain, no gluten and no soya. They are naturally air-dried which locks in all the goodness contained in the fish skin; such as Omega 3 – known to help with brain function, lower the risk of heart disease and reduce inflammation of the joints on most puppies and dogs. Not only this, but the crunchiness will also aid keeping your dog’s teeth clean. They come in squares of varying size and have a crunchy-chewy, texture.

Ila’s verdict: she LOVED them! In fact, she could not get enough of them (as with any of the Guru Pet Food range). Now it takes one sniff of the open packet and she dances around offering every trick in the book to get her paws on a bite. We followed the guide put together by the team at Guru around changing your dog food and treats to ensure she had a perfect diet throughout

If you want to get your hands (or paws) on a pack of ‘Reel’ Fishskins, you can buy them on the Guru stand at any of the Dog Fest events. I’m sure they will be in popular demand though, so make sure to visit! You can also get your paws on some HERE 

We will be at Dog Fest West on Sunday 24th June with the Guru team, we hope to see some of you there!

Lots of Love,
Georgina & Ila x

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