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Geekster Greetings

Here we are again Geeksters… we’re welcoming in December at Guru HQ with a whole lotta love and we’re ready to share our all time favourite moments of the year with YOU!

Hold on tight as we’re about to Rewind, Pause and hit the Play button on 2017.

Get ready… Get set… GURU!

Go For It Geek Corinne: One of my fave highlights from this year was watching the amazing Geeksters attending our stand at this years summer events. It was awesome to see them posing for photos and receiving cuddles in return. The beautiful dogs from Ruff and Tumble, REALLY stole my heart this year! You feel your heart could burst seeing the love between humans and their dogs.  I’m looking forward to 2018 as we get to meet all of the Geeksters and their families at the summer events again, who we now class as our friends.

Golden Geek Sam: My top of the list moment of 2017 (which i’m sure a lot of four legged friends will agree with) has to be the launch of the SAUSAGESSS! A lot of thought and GURUviness went into creating them, especially the packaging and it’s fab to see them being enjoyed by all our gorgeous Geeksters. Made with 70% British Venison, Sweet potato and Chopped Apple, there really is Nothing To Hide! I’m drooling just thinking about them…

Gorgeous Geek Laura: I really enjoyed getting to finally meet all of our GeekSTARs at this years events. Spending time with Dapper Maximus, Oscar and their lovely family. Getting cuddles from Woody, Wilma and Amelia too has just about made this year GeekSTAR perfect. I’m so excited for 2018 as we’re attending the new Dog Fest Venue in Bristol and it will also be my first trip to Dog Fest South… it’s gonna be a blast!

Geekiest Geek Steph: I’m the newbie to the Guru team, having only started in November, so the last few months have been very exciting with me starting working with this lovely lot and learning all about Guru! I’m hoping that 2018 is just as exciting and I’m looking forward to getting to know all you Geeksters, both two and four legged!! Hugo my Bernese Mountain Dog is going to hopefully be fully transitioned onto Guru food as well by the new year which is very exciting as he’s never been too fussed about his food before but LOVES a bit of Surf and Turf! He’ll even do tricks for it so no complaints there! 2018 will also (fingers crossed) be when me and Hugo get on the property ladder, he’s already put in a request for his own room…we’ll keep you updated!

GURUvy Geek Lisa: 2017… you’ve been extra special to #TeamGuru so it’s extremely difficult for me to pick just one favourite moment. Let’s rewind to the beginning of the year when the Geeks made a New Years resolution to try a food we’d never tasted before… would it be food heaven or food hell? If you have a spare 20 mins over the festive period, check out @theoriginalgeeksters page on Instagram where we taste tested a new food every week, right up to Christmas. I think my all time favourite taste test was when Golden Geek Sam taste tested Marmite, it’s a cracker!  Another favourite moment for me has already been mentioned above… the launch of our Nothing to Hide range of Sausages! It was a momentous moment for us all, especially as we launched them at the Dog Fest North event in June and it was so much fun to see Geeksters old and new trading tricks for a succulent sausage slice! Our super sausages even made an appearance in our Christmas Stockings this year, which were so popular that they sold out in a matter of days… twice!  Finally, how can we say Goodbye to 2017 without mentioning our Guruvy Geeksters who’ve made each month special by appearing on our postcards that accompany every parcel that leaves Guru HQ, they truly are a firm favourite. The question is… who will be making an appearance on our 2018 postcards? 

Thank YOU for helping to #SpreadTheLove with us throughout 2017

Another month, another year,

Another smile, another tear,

Another cuddle and tail wag too,

We wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for YOU xx

We wish all our Geeksters a very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year. Remember to leave a little sparkle wherever you go…

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