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Ellery Bow

It was the 7th of October around midday, the Geeksters were ploughing through emails when we clicked on one from a Company we had never heard of ‘Ellery Bow’. Intrigued….? Yep, we were too!

Here at Guru HQ we love hearing from new start-up’s, so we headed straight to social media to check them out.

Louise, from Ellery Bow, explained that they are ‘canny curators of canine kit’ and their mission is to offer products and a first-class service that you and your dog will love. Mmmm… sounds just up our street!

We soon found out that they’re based in Whitstable and were just getting ready to launch their products that very week. Louise also explained that they were having a photoshoot in their home town using local dog models and they were looking for some support.

As you know, us Geeksters are always in the mood to #spreadthelove.

So, just in time for their 16th of October autumn/winter photoshoot, we packed up a box of Trip Bones and sent them on their way to the volunteer dogs of Whitstable.

Fast forward…. to Gino and Duke!



Gino Bambino and Dukey Wukey are not the best at modelling and we’re certainly not photographers, but that wasn’t going to stop us. So last week, we decided to take their new Ellery Bow snoods (Ooops and the boys) on a Road Trip to the beach, making sure we had a stack of Guru Trip bones tucked away, just in case. We were so lucky to have the most furbulous weather!


Gino wears snood in Denim (Large)

Duke wears snood in English Mustard (Large)

The baby OG’s don’t wear accessories very often, so we were prepared for a 1, 2, 3… ‘quick take the shot before they rip them off’ kinda day!! To our surprise, it was quite the opposite. In fact, they felt so comfortable in their soft, neck-warming, cable knit snoods that we even managed to take a short video…! Go figure!

As you can see we all had a great day and as Louise said to us “the dog world is very supporting of each other”. The Geeksters are all about spreading the love and long may this continue.

If you’re looking for something that little bit different and super stylish, then press your paws on the link below.

The Original Geeksters xox


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