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Bright-Eyed Angus

Angus was never a food orientated puppy. I’d try every possible bribe to get him to eat more than a couple of mouthfuls but never had much success. We’d make food a game, I’d add things but he’d never eat much and anywhere near the amounts he should have had. About 6 months ago, after a lot of reading and research, we made the change to Guru and wow!


6 months down the line, this once fussy cockapoo is still eating every bit of his Guru every day and I still get so much pleasure from knowing he’s eating and enjoying his food. He actually looks for his food now which he didn’t do before and he loves finding new, fun ways to eat it. He used to get bored half way through meals before so the fact he doesn’t have to eat such large quantities of Guru, suits him down to the ground. He loves having two flavours to choose from and long journeys in the car wouldn’t be complete without a Field Trip Bone!


He’s full of energy, has got such bright eyes and absolutely everyone comments on the condition of his coat and how soft and shiny it is. And for a pretty curly cockapoo he almost never matts. His vet and groomer are always raving about his coat and people are forever asking me what products I use on him but we use nothing and he rarely even has a bath in between grooms. He’s the perfect weight as well and has maintained it over the last couple of months since he’s stopped growing.

I honestly, honestly put it all down to the fabulous Guru food he’s on and i’m so glad we made the change 6 months ago.

Trip bones

Heather & Angus xx

Instagram: @cockapooangus

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