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Thank You to Millie the French Bulldog for this lovely article.

This week I’ve been a super lucky pup.  Guru sent me a sample of their Surf & Turf, AND a field bone! (I’m still to munch on that, and I will up date as soon at the Human lets me get my chops round it)

“Millie, you’ve eaten so many treats this bank holiday you are going to turn into a rolly polly! It’s not going to go off, you can have it when we go on our next day trip!” – The Human

We’ve been following GURU for a while now, and are really interested in what they do.  I can have a bit of a sensitive tummy, and I over the last 3 years I’ve tended to go off my food, forcing the humans to find different brands, usually that’s more expensive than the last…  (it’s ok.. I’m worth it )

The human likes to keep me as heathy as I can be,  and she’s always worried that I’m over weight, as I’m her first Frenchie and I only have a little nose extra weight can be super harmful for me.

She’s always looking for a heathy food, that is good for me, that is also affordable.

“Well, for a little dog you sure do seem to be able to spend a lot of money!” – The Human

Anyway…., when changing or trying out food we have to take things slowly in case my tummy doesn’t take to it.  I was pretty impressed with GURU though and was very unimpressed when she stopped giving me nibbles to take photos!!!

Human?! Why have you used this photo?? Where’s the one of me woofling???

“Sorry bear cub, this is you mid woofle, and just to funny not to add!” – The Human

Rude! Anyway, we did a bit of research on cold pressed food, as we didn’t really understand what the difference was between this and my normal biscuits. It seems to be quite new but, heather than kibble.  Apparently (according to google) it can also help dogs who suffer from bloat as it doesn’t swell in the stomach like kibble, it’s also as close to what my natural diet should be. (which apparently isn’t cheese… who knew?!)


(The insert above is from the GURU website)

On the GURU website you can put in your dogs weight and it will let you know how much you should be feeding your hound.

Pricing.  (I’m yet to do the maths… mainly because I’m a dog, and I don’t care much for maths.)

My humans currently spend £45 for 14kg of food, which for me lasts quite a long time. GURU pet food is £48 for 14kg, so only a couple pounds difference.  As GURU is compressed I actually need less food per day, and this is where the maths we haven’t done yet comes in.  However it works out that roughly every 5 days, I end up getting an extra day’s worth of food (does that make sense?..)

The human was very impresses with how much I enjoyed it, and after reading it may help with my windy issues, she was even more intrigued!  Warning this bits, not for while you’re eating… but after my second meal my stools are a lot firmer.  Once I’ve finished my current food, the human and the boy are going get a large bag to fully test this product.  We will update once we’ve been using the food for a few months to let you know how we get on.

Moving on to the field bone.  We’ve been seeing a lot of these on Instagram.  I didn’t realise they where made from the same thing as the food, this is genius!

You can get two small ones for £1.99 or a larger one for £2.50.  These can be given as treats or as a meal replacement.  It’s written on the label how many bones you need to feed your dog, if using as a meal replacement.  Shipping is £3.50 so to make it worth while it’s best to stock up.

This is great for a dog like me as I don’t always eat breakfast straight away, then if we are going on a day trip I get hungry and have nothing to eat. (Yes I can hear the mini violins…) this way the human can keep a couple in her handbag and then when we go out I’ll know I won’t have to starve, and I won’t be eating lots of treats instead of my proper meal.

“I tried to get a photo of Millie with her GURU food, but she started nibbling it before I could take the photo… I think I can safely say that GURU is a hit in this house ” – The Human

Thank you for reading.  We hope you enjoyed, please let us know if you have by leaving a comment.

Woofs & Kisses

Millie – The French bulldog & The Human



*Although we received this a free sample from GURU, all views are entirely my own (and Millie’s!)

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