Surf & Turf 5kg *Special Offer*


Get your Field Trip bone HALF PRICE!

Perfect for small dogs with big appetites, our Surf & Turf small special offer includes all you need to keep your dog happy and healthy!

With 5kg of delicious beef, sea fish and vegetable cold pressed dog food and an irresistible tasty small bone, your dog can be sure to enjoy mealtimes everyday!

Cold pressed dog food is prepared in such a special way to ensure every nutritious morsel is retained.

Not only is Guru cold pressed dog food a complete dried meal, it’s also suitable to feed alongside a raw diet. We’re sure your dog will love every bit of our gurulicious bite sized pieces!

Discover the Surf & Turf range or why not try our Full On Feast?

1 x Surf & Turf – 5kg
1 x Field Trip – Small Bone